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Future Kings of Spain – 2000 – 2009

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Hi all,

This is a pretty sad day. It seems Tickets There’s personal choice for this countries leading band have decided to call it a day (either that or they’re taking a dig at my History post).

This follows weeks of rumours that the band had called it quits (I see your Google searches ;)) and unfortunately it really seems to be true. I’m pretty sure this is the saddest news I’ve had to write about yet.

Go to their MySpace Now to Read the bands blog.CLICK HERE

The reasons for the spilt might be pretty clear but that’s all for another time, have a look at the bands excellent video for Syndicate from their second album, Nervousystem.




The Future Kings of Spain – A History: 2000 – 2009

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The Future Kings of Spain Split?

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Hi all,

I’ve seen a few comments and searched popping up on websites and my Blog stats of people trying to find out info about a rumor the Future Kings of Spain have split. I’ve checked everywhere I can and can’t see anything official or unofficial to that effect.   The latest word from them is they’re working on a new album and should reappear around the end of 2009.

If I hear anything else I’ll post an update.

Tickets There

Future Kings of Spain – One More Mistake

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Well Dublin’s finest have another video out. The Future Kings of Spain have released a great ‘live’ styled video for the grunge fuelled One More Mistake, that brings the band back to basics after their foray into the film world with Syndicate. Great track and nice video, check it out.

and while you;re at it, check out Syndicate. It;s a savage track and a fucking brilliant video,

Both songs come from 2007’s Nervousystem