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Well, well, well. Look who’s causing trouble in today’s Irish music news world. The IMRO (Irish Music Rights Organization. Music or musician? Ah, who cares) of all people.  Seems they want to start charging music sites that host music or even interviews with bands on their register. Seems the boyo’s have lost the plot altogether and the recession has forced them to compromise their clients future for a few extra penny’s. Sorry, did we say penny’s? They’re looking for something like E150 – E300 + from sites.

Now, Tickets There doesn’t see a threat to us. We’re small, no-one really cares what we write about as long as we mention Whitesnake and truth be told, we’re bored silly writing about music. Much more fun to just listen. Saying that, there’s sites IMRO have already contacted about paying this new License and those sites are extremely helpful for new bands trying to cut a name for themselves.

Surely there’s been enough damage done to the music industry by record company greed, greedy fans illegal downloading frenzy and music quickly turning into a tiny impotent little sack without the bands representatives and trusted care giver introducing a profit driving measure that will more than likely badly hurt their careers and chances of ever breaking out of Carlow?

Now, things may not be as dramatic as that puts it. IMRO are still piecing this new ‘Freedom Isn’t Free‘ license together so the facts ain’t fully clear yet. Nialler9’s done a pretty good job outlining the main FAQ points Here.

Tickets There has lost alot of respect for the IMRO with this move. They’re going to alienate the young, journalistic element, eradicate the foul mouth, obnoxiously badly written blogs like ours (like hell they will 😀 – Ed) and reduce cover and badly needed exposure for this countries young, up and coming talent. Well done IMRO, you’re truly an Irish company now.

I know a girl who once worked in said company and she swears she doesn’t miss a job that involved calling old ladies, who own shops in small villages asking them to pay license fee’s for a radio that keeps them company all day. Little soppy, put on tear jerking and not at all representative of the job…but wouldn’t that one time you’d have to do just be the most fun thing ever. Sorry to bother you mam, IMRO. Let me see your license and Bruce Springsteen collection.

To celebrate, lets get some Sweet Jane up!!