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Tired of going to Homebase, kids parties, Tesco and coffee shops on your Saturday (you sad git)? Then why not try twelve (12) foot stomping, guitar shredding metal bands on one stage this Saturday? Crunch Metal Promotions are hosting their Hail The Gods of Winter festival in the pint this weekend and they’ve got a line-up you wouldn’t believe for a price that’ll knock you out.

Sirocco, Coldwar, Syphor, I’ll eat Your Face and eight other bands will be showing their wares, damaging ears and delivering some top notch quality riffage all for the lovely price of €5 on Saturday at the Pint on Eden Quay (near the best strip club in Dublin).  12 bands, €5, ALL day. What more do you need to know? Full list of acts playing and their stage times can be found below. Metal \,,/

Doors 14:30

15:00 – 15:25 Sebek  15:40 – 16:05 Summoner  16:20 – 16:50 Syphor  17:05 – 17:35 Gacy’s Threads  17:50 – 18:20 Shardborne

————  BREAK – BBQ, Old School Tunes etc  ——————————​————

 19:00 – 19:25 Fat Actress  19:40 – 20:10 I’ll Eat Your Face  20:25 – 20:55 On Pain of Death  21:05 – 22:05 Coldwar  22:20 – 23:20 Overoth  23:35 – 00:25 Sirocco  00:40 – 01:30 Celtachor

Visit the event’s official Facebook for more information.


I’ll Eat Your Face – Irritant (Album Review)

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Better late than never, Tickets There finally got round to some record buying today and a spit EP by Dublin band, Hands Up Who Wants to Die and, more importantly, Cork metal heads – I’ll Eat Your Face has prompted us to download the latter’s debut album, Irritant. Not to give too much away, but hell howdy are we glad we did.

It may be 03.08AM but we just can’t stop playing this record. In reality, we haven’t been listening to the album itself anywhere long enough to immerse ourselves in each songs character but Tickets There has finally been paying attention to these guys over the last few months and any fans of heavy metal / instrumental rock / metal are going to love this. Every song sounds like the heaviest things that have ever come out of Ireland. Unlike similar acts, there’s little to no hint of Indie. There’s no synths or ballads. There’s no w**king off into self fulfilling ego moments. There’s just grinding, heavier than hell storm bringers. Bring on the might, the fury and the fight!

It ain’t a collection of radio singles and it ain’t a conventional album. Instead, it’s thirty odd minutes of pure assault. Tracks such as Irritant, I Have A Wolf on My Head, Dr. Pancake’s luxurious Ratskin Housecoat and Pecks From hell will send you into a dizzying metal Euphoria while the rest of the album will keep you there.

With the traditional ways of legacy burdened Heavy Metal becoming stale and overly ugly in today’s high definition society, it’s good to know the roots aren’t necessarily the strongest limb anymore.

I’ll Eat Your Face Play Dublin’s Twisted Pepper on March 20th with Ten Past Seven and Hands Up Who Wants To Die

Download Irritant FOR FREE @ This Location

Gig Guide Is Back!!

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That’s right folks, the old Tickets There Gig Wall’s have returned (many month after I promised they would).

Every month we’ll e updating out new Gig Guide Page with the best shows we can find in Dublin. Currently we have Feb, March and April 2010 in there but e sure to check for regular updates to all these months and to see future months added on.

We find gigs by trawling though MySpaces, Facebooks, Venue websites, radio websites and other blogs, music sites..etc, etc and it takes time to gather all the details. If you know any good bands playing that you think we’d like, please drop us a message at and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

IRISH NOISE! – I’ll Eat Your Face (MySpace Review)

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Welcome to Tickets There’s latest review series, Irish Noise! Here we’ll be taking a look at some of our favorite underground (or just above) Irish bands and reviewing their latest singles, albums and MySpace players. Unlike the MySpace Reviews series, we won’t be selecting bands we’ve never heard of or seen live and instead, we’ll use this series to keep you up to date about the bands we’ve found and liked while doing the MS Reviews, as well as other long standing favorites of ours.

Today’s choice, I’ll Eat Your Face are one of Cork’s finest instrumental heavy metal acts. We first discovered these guys about a year ago and honestly, we weren’t taken away. Although their playing was superb, Tickets There couldn’t understand why their songs were so short and because of this, we ended up giving a slightly negative review. After months of reading nothing but positive reviews and stories about the guys, we decided they deserved at least one more shot and thankfully, Tickets There finally gets it.

Opening song, I Have a Wolf on My Head is as intense as they come. The opening thirty seconds is filled with blisteringly heavy guitars that growl at your soul, face melting drums and more aggression than you’d find on Jerry Springer. Then, out of nowhere the song briefly slips into this tranquil world of slowed down drums with a repetitive, undistorted guitar riff before once again rising in the form of a doom metal Armageddon styled anthem. It’s kind of hard to believe they can accomplish all that in one minutes and twenty four seconds but they do.

Second track, Dr. Pancake manages takes things up a notch…make that a few notches. Describing this song minute by minute would be a fruitless exercise. Its three minutes of amazing guitar riffs, melodies and shreds from The Boy, all backed by Barrytrons furious thrash metal drum stylings. There’s little room to relax this time and by the time the song ends, your ears will ring and your neck will ache. The sher number of changes alone is enough to make your head spin. Leaving IHAWOMS aside, Dr. Pancake is more than enough proof that I’ll Eat Your Face can not only write a full length song when they want, but they can write one much better than 95% of the metal acts in the country. Probably the best metal song I’ve heard in the last two or three years.

Final song, Irritant is much rawer recording that the others. Fast, dirty metal guitars that rampage unmercilessly in circles around the belting snare and bass drums. Throw in a Jazz moment, some more doom metal and you’ve got the gist.

Hand on heart, Tickets There is sorry for ever doubting this bands ability to do anything. Judging by these three tracks alone, this is an album every single Irish metal fan needs to buy, listen to and love. Well, we’ll be buying one anyway.

Click Here to check out their MySpace.