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Tickets There Likes: Def Leppard – High ‘N’ Dry

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Hopefully you’ve gone out and bought Pyromania, if not… I said, you’re a sap. Or, maybe it’s because you haven’t read the review so go do it now 

Good, now you’re back. So The Mighty Leppard exploded in the states with that album, made them the biggest band in the world…etc. Now it’s time to find out what they were like before all the mega stardom. Well, to start with they always had the harmonies and relied upon catchy vocal hooks to sell their songs to the general public, but before Pyromania, they used a lot more guitars to back everything up. High N Dry was the bands second album and an unbelievable leap forward from their first. While On Through The Night has some fearsome tracks on it, it’s nothing compared to HND.

Any listener will be convinced of this when they hear the opening notes of Let It Go, the albums first track. The song has a killer duel guitar riff and tonnes of sporadic/bluesy solo’s that would put any musician in their h’penny place. Not because they’re extremely difficult, but because they are so perfectly placed its mind bending. Enough shite, it’s just a savage track. This is followed by the shredding, although slower at first, Another Hit and Run which is as foot stomping, head banging friendly and face melting as anything else out there…..except Heavy Metal :p. Unfortunately I refuse to discuss the albums title track because I used it as my alarm for over a year and now I cant stand to listen to it, but I should mention it was on the infamous PRMC’s Filthy Fifteen list in 1985. This was a list made up by that Tipper Gore bitch and her cronies of the fifteen songs they found most offensive in the world. HND gets a mention due to ‘excessive drinking references in the lyrics.

Things turn around completely with Leppard’s first proper ballad, Bringin’ on the Heartbreak. The video may be as cheesy as KISS in the eighties but it’s fun people, relax. Not everything can be the White album. Steve Clarks legendary Switch 625 follows and shows Leppard’s raw, danger afloat guitars with some fierce drumming to boot. That riff is just incredible and well worth seeing live if you can. You Got Me Runnin’ is more of a filler song, but on this album that means it kicks ass. It’s just pure, down to earth rock n rollll!!! Love it! Classic stomping song with a good dose of Joe’s swagger. Same thing again for Lady Strange. These are songs you grow to love after the hits. On through the Night is faster, more full on balls while second last song Mirror, Mirror has one of the bands definitive chorus’s. No, No, No, finishes things off and without the excessive repeats of the word No at the end it’s just great 😀

Well that’s it in a very hastily written nut shell. Now, what album to do next? This Tickets There Likes series wont last forever so I’ll be choosy but you can damn well bet Guns N Roses – Use Your Illusion I, Weezer – The Blue Album, Metallica – …and Justice For All and the big one of them all, Def Leppard’s Hysteria will all feature over the coming weeks.