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Guns N’ Roses – Dublin, O2: One Month And Counting & Support Announced

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This time next month folks, the mighty Axl Rose will be bringing the ferocious, legendary Guns N’ Roses to Irish shows for two massive shows in Belfast’s Odyssey Arena August 31st and Dublin’s Point Depot (or the O2 is you will) on Sept. 1st for two nights of blistering hard rock, ginormous ballads and displays of fine musical craftsmanship from each member of the band. It’s also been announced that Canadian rockers (hate that work in that context) Danko Jones will be providing support for both shows. No Sebastian Back unfortunately but these guys will rock the place.

Now, there’s alot of bickering about Axl and the new guys (incidentally, some of the members have been with the band since the early/late nineties…so they’re not that new) and it’s time everyone moved on. The majority of music press outlets have a vendetta against Axl because unlike Slash and Duff, Axl chooses not to talk to them and become their play thing. Also, many ‘old GN’R heads’ hate Chinese Democracy simply because Slash isn’t there and it’s not a carbon reproduction of Appetite for Destruction. Many forget that the old diehards complained just as much when the Use Your Illusions came out, but that’s neither here nor there.

Don’t be fooled folks, this right here is two incredible opportunities to see one of rock n’ rolls true heroes live in the flesh. Not only is he a legend, but he’s a legend at the top of his game as Chinese Democracy is one the greatest albums released in the last ten years, you just have to forget the old sound and appreciate it for what it is. When any other band tries a new direction these days they’re praised far and wide for being different but when a rock band does it, all hell breaks loose. Does Axl care? Not one fucking bit, the man does what ever the hell he likes and that’s why we love him. Finally there’s a rock n roll front-man in the 21st century who’s not afraid of criticism and attacks from former band members, fans, record companies, the industry or the press. He does what he likes, when he likes and if you don’t like it – Fuck Off!

Young bands, young fans stand up and take notice, this is rock n roll in bodily form. Go to these shows and see the man in real life, pay homage and respect because rock stars are no longer a dime a dozen and even if they were, Axl would still lead the pack.

Guns N Roses play Dublin’s O2 This day next month, September 1st – Tickets There will be there.