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666 Reasons why Dio Needs Dublin

Posted in Music, News with tags , , , , , on October 23, 2009 by Tickets There


Ronnie James Dio, Former frontman of a million great bands and current lead vocals main man with Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath – The Dio Years) is doing a Dio (solo) tour around Europe this November and December while Tony Iommi is recovering from surgery.

Tickets There is disappointed he hasn’t announced any shows in Ireland yet so we’ve put together a little list about why Dio really does need Dublin as much as we need him.

1 – Dublin starts with a D. so does Dio and Date. Dio needs to schedule a Dublin Date so the three D’s can be one again and the gods will not be angered.

2 – Irish people aren’t tall. Dio isn’t tall. Dio needs to come to Dublin and be one with his fellow short folks. (Don’t mention all the six foot Polish lads, they shame us).

3 – Dio like to rock. Dublin likes to rock. Who invented Thin Lizzy??

 4 – Dio is in Black Sabbath. Black Sabbaths sound reflects the Ireland of the olden days. How can he not come here and share our musical bleakness together with his fellow short folks?

5 – A lot of Irelands venues have low roofs. This is not an issue for Dio, so he should take full advantage and play five nights!!

6 – Tickets There wants to see Dio live. However, Tickets There can’t afford to go to England to do this. Dio should come to Dublin and meet us here.

7 – Dio rules

8 – 666 – Dio wasn’t scared by the Black Sabbath super fan. Therefore he has no fear and won’t mind braving the Irish sea in November when he comes here to play Dublin.

Black Sabbath Superfan ya say?? Check it out by Clicking Here. Very funny stuff.