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Review: Ash – Live @ Andrews Lane Theatre, Dublin (March 20th, 2010)

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Always a dodgy things these free, invite only promo gigs. It’s either going to be a small room, located in a budding, hip – fashion friendly district of town with The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin jamming in the corner while people look elsewhere, laughing prolifically and sipping champagne. Or, they can be like tonight’s RU7up4It home coming for the winners of the Bring Them Back For The Craic campaign, with Downpatrick legends Ash and local Dublin soul, funk, pop consortium, Republic of Loose, leading festivities. A good night had by all.. to say the least!

Andres Lane Theatre isn’t a venue we have a whole pile of experience with but, being greeted by tall young models tonight is surely going to remain one of our fondest memories. Unfortunately the experience was memorizing enough to completely distract us from Republic of Looses’ efforts on stage, but from what we gathered, they did a pretty good job. They certainly had everyone else in top form anyways. (not very professional to write things like that lads, at least lie – Ed)

Tickets There has dedicated a lot of space to pop / rock legends Ash recently and tonight’s gig proves this hasn’t been in vain. The trio burst straight into Lose Control with the same adrenaline and youthful exuberance that made them so fun in the first place. They follow up with a cover of The Undertones, Teenage Kicks before kicking into a blistering version of TT’s personal favorite, A Life Less Ordinary. Not running out of steam early, the band deliver a hard hitting greatest hits set that see’s them visit almost every album in their catalogue (Nu-Clear Sounds being the exception).

Not to be upstaged by their past, the band play several tracks from their current A-Z singles which fit perfectly amongst the new material, so much so that the classic Girl From Mars falls pale in the face of the techno stomping Return of White Rabbit, which closes the show.

Amidst the chants for ‘One More Tune’, Tim returns to the stage, cheekily apologizing that unfortunately the band are prepared to play three more tracks and hopes we’ll be appeased. Single C of the A-Z series, Arcadia explodes through the PA, rejuvenating the now tired crowd before a cover of Thin Lizzy’s Whiskey In The Jar, with ROL’s Mick Pyro on vocals, brings the house down. Tim, grinning as always, announces how wonderful it is to “visit Dublin to cover a Metallica song”, before the band launch into a set closing, Burn Baby Burn and leave the stage as conquering heroes.

Lose Control
Teenage Kicks
A Life Less Ordinary
Shinning Light
Joy Kicks Darkness
Kung Fu
You Can’t Have It All (Not 100% sure this was played)
Angel Interceptor
Jack Names The Planets
Space Shot
Walking Barefoot
Twilight of The Innocents
Girl From Mars
Return of White Rabbit

Whiskey In The Jar
Burn Baby Burn


Review: Ash – Live @ The Button Factory, Dublin (Nov 25th, 2009)

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Nothing like the peak of a revival buzz. You may have noticed Tickets There’s limited activities of late, have been aimed squarely at the world of Ireland’s leading rock n roll act, Ash. Well, tonight we finally got to see the lads in concert after several years of being broke, not being bothered and a general appreciation for laziness. Turns out, we’ve been missing a great live act.

For what little I saw of tonight’s support band (name to be updated), they were tight but fairly bland. Like a poor mans Killers / Ash sound, but no punch. I guess that’s the purpose of a support band, to make the bar sell well and their head-liners the second coming. Always a good excuse for a smoke and refill so excuse us…

Despite being one of the countries leading hard rock acts, there’s a small crowd in the Button Factory this evening. The stage area was only two thirds filled, there’s space at the back and the balcony’s closed for the night, Surely there’s more Ash fans in the country that this? Anyway, good news for those of us there because Ash blast straight into Loose Control from their iconic classic album, 1977 and the extra space is quickly filled by a mosh pit. What an opening song! Guitars, full on vocals, catchy as hell. Just an all round savage classic. One of the must hear tracks ticked of the list straight away. Second song, A Life Less Ordinary fulfills a seven year dream. One of the greatest grunge styled anthems to ever appear on this planet and more than enough to give the ticket its value. Only an hour and a half to go…*Starts leaping!

Meltdown, a deadly performance of Shinning Light and new singles True Love 1980 and Joy Kicks Darkness send the band to new heights of greatness as Tim stops occasionally to express his delight at being back on Irish Soil and plug the new A – Z Series. The new material stands up quite well against the old classics, even as Kung Fu, Oh Yeah, Walking Barefoot, Goldfinger and Jack Names the Planets keep the place electric. It’s amazing to see how young the three lads are in real life. Girl From Mars came out when I was in primary school and these guys still look exactly the same as they did all those years ago. Not to mention the fact that every year that passes sees them get better and better as a group. The night does however have one little flaw, Charlotte is missing. Her backing guitar, harmonies and general stage presence would have been a great asset to the lads tonight but hell, they pull it off all the same. (I’m smoking s rambling will occur ;))

A great version of Girl From Mars and a full on discothèque ball busting breakdown rendition of Return of White Rabbit finish of the main set before the usual hoopin’ and hollerin’ brings Rick, Mark and Tim back for an intro-less Angle Interceptor, delivered with such perfection you could kiss a Gibson. New single Tracers and Number C from the A- Z Series, Arcadia, a song that is without a doubt in the lead of the material released so far, get the firm approval from fans before the band finish the evening with Twilight of Innocents and the amazing, the star studded, the cream of the crop….Burn Baby Burn from the groups 2001 album, Free All Angels.

Great show, great idea to sell signed A – Z Posters for €3 each, great set-list, great crowd, great atmosphere, great gig. Tickets There doesn’t know how to make our point any clearer.

Ash – Tracers (Single Review)

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Fourth in Ash’s A – Z series which they’re currently on tour promoting. The guys are set to release 26 singles over the next year and the first three, Joy Kicks Darkness, Arcadia and True Love 1980 have all been strong additions to the Co. Down boys repertoire and for those impatient people out there, Tracers is just as strong.  

Tim and the lads have a god given knack for writing semi-down toned borderline grunge anthems and combining that sound with the most perfect pop sensibilities known to man and the hard rock guitar ability needs to pull it all off. On Trackers we find the bands shinning talent for catchy song writing as well as their ability to use different styles to deliver their famous ballads.

Unlike Arcadia, the song is a little more relaxed and restrained which adds the difference every band needs in their writing. Muted guitars, regular changes and the lack of a full on guitar driven chorus explosion leave the song one of the best they’ve release so far. It’s heavy though. The whole song bursts with overtones of the eminent peak getting closer and then they cut loose with a galaxy of other instruments to drive the point home rather than relying on age old tactics and formulated standards.

What would we have done differently? We would have started a band and cried because we’re not as good as Ash. Keep up the great works lads.

See you all in a fortnight for E*.

Listen to the song on Ash-Official by Clicking Here

*Legal Disclaimer: By ‘E’, Tickets There, here forth to be referred to as TT, did not mean to endorse, promote, or encourage the notion that they were referring to the illegal substance, Ecstasy. If you referrer to Appendix Z 1.7 of the Ash: A – Z series article, located Here, TT has outlined details that each single from the A – Z series will have a different letter assigned. These releases and their letters will correspond to the English Alphabet (A, B, C,.. to Z. Please refer to Collins English Dictionary for a more detailed explanation of the Alphabet). By writing ‘E’, TT simply meant the fifth single from this A – Z series, rather than the drug known as Ecstasy. TT does not wish for starved, gawky eyed ravers’ to appear at official Tickets There Headquarters looking for handouts. ‘E’ simply co-exists with the number 5 position in the alphabet.