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ANVIL – Juggernaut of Justice (Album Review)

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The Metal Pounder’s membership has been increasing in vast numbers since 2008’s massively acclaimed documentary, Anvil: The Story of Anvil and the release of the band’s fourteenth album, Juggernaut of Justice is sure to keep the fans rolling in. After some success in the early eighties, Anvil’s story took a well documented turn for the worst before a former fan, turned Hollywood screen writer captured the band’s misfortunes, loveable comedic moments and inner band tensions during the recording of their thirteenth album, This is Thirteen. The resulting film has been described as “the greatest film yet made about rock and roll “. Besides the comedy and mishaps, it captured their never say die attitude, hard working mentality and their genuine love for music, despite the numerous obstacles thrown in their path over the decades. Only a very cold, dead inside section of humanity wouldn’t warm to the band after viewing it but for the rest of us, we now have a new Anvil album to bask in!

Juggernaut of Justice is out, it’s loud and it’s as proud as punch. Pounding, ear bleeding heaviness mixed with furious, old skool riffs, solos and teeth grinding vocals. Opening with the monster gorging Juggernaut of Justice and When Hell breaks Loose, the album really hammers it’s point in quick. No messing, no muss – no fuss. The band sound strong, unrestrainable and on fire. While some may criticize the lack of diversity, actual metal fans will bask in the belting riffiage displayed on New Orleans Voo Doo, Fucken Eh!, On Fire and This Ride because they are killer.

In the middle there’s a few repetitions, but it’s all mighty! Not Afraid, Turn It Up and Conspiracy all follow suit to form. No major adventures, but saying that each one packs it’s own ‘hard as nails’ riff core, vengeance seeking lyrics and monster metal arrangements. Not too shabby for Tickets There. Running and Paranormal change the pace a little, adding some layers to the albums closing moments and leaves you with a few choice numbers not to be ignored on repeat plays. Swing Thing is an odd Swing / Metal arrangement that…still confuses us a little. Fun anways!

Anvil have worked to stay in the game and now it’s time for their efforts to come to fruition. Juggernaut of Justice is an excellent album and deserves the attention it’ll surely get from the worldwide metal community.  Every song has its own raw intensity that repeatedly pounds the listener into a disillusioned state. Be warned kids, Juggernaut of Justice should not be tried at home without Lemmy supervision.


Sunday Night Music Movie Favorites.

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Half the time, Tickets There is too lazy to write. The other half, we struggle through hordes of rubbish bands to chip out the few amazing ones that deserve all the attention and praise we can pile on them Then there’s days like today when we do all the toiling and checking and searching and can’t find a single band or decent piece of news worth writing about.

Instead of a review, we decided to post a few video’s of bands from music films / documentaries we spent the day watching. Hope you’re all well this lovely Sunday evening and hope you enjoy these (these songs you’ve heard a million times before)