LaFaro Release Second Album – Easy Meat (Out Today)

Belfast hopefuls LaFaro take their next step to world domination today with the release of their second album, Easy Meat. 18 tracks of fairly ferocious hardcore with as much tact as a rhino and more energy than Jedward, a Columbian drug farm and a 15 tonne nuclear weapon combined that’s sure to drive all ye mad things wild.

We caught their set in Whelan’s when the band supported ASH back in June (Déjà vu! – look below) and after a slow start, the lads really managed to drive things home and measure up to the powerful sound they’ve created on this album. Stand by for a full review – track list below. Get your copy today and support local artists!

LaFaro – Easy Meat: Tracklist:

1. Full Tilt
2. Langer
3. Sucking Diesel
4. Wingers And Chips
5. Scully
6. Boke
7. Yes!
8. Have A Word With Yourself
9. Easy Meat
10. Easy Peasy Meat
11. Settle Petal
12. Pat-A-Cake
13. Off The Chart
14. Hum Strum
15. Slide On
16. Christmas
17. Meat Wagon
18. Maudlin

Easy Meat is out today, October 3rd on Smalltown America.


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