MySpace (Sample) Review – Two Door Cinema Club

We’re scouring the internet, listening to as many major underground bands from 2010 as possible (yes, yes we are aware we’d be better off looking for the next thing rather than the stuff everyone’s already heard – thanks!) and Two Door Cinema Club’s name kept popping up last year. Yesterday, we finally decided to see why exactly they were one of the most searched bands of last year. Unfortunately, we never did get it and any hope of understanding was dashed by the fact that their MySpace player is full of samples. Defiant as we are, we refused to search for another streaming service and have now decided to do a review of the MySpace samples. Why bother? Cause we’re not listening to the other name on our list.

We’ve never seen them live or heard their album. Let the Review Sample begin!

Sample 1Cigarettes In The Theatre: Chongo pop, Silly. Guitars sound good for a moment at the start, lyrics are not our cup of tea.
Sample 2Come Back Home: Sounds better, improvement on the vocals. Generic though.
Sample 3Do You Want It All: Sounds like it would get very annoying, very quickly.
Sample 4 – This is the life: Hmmm…vocals are disappointing again in this snip
Sample 5 – Something Good Can Work: Vocals and lyrics this time. Don’t like the OhOh (we’ve actually heard this before, must have been a single)
Sample 6 –
I Can Talk: This one sounds quite good. Vocals are a better, not annoying and catchy!
Undercover Martyn: Eh, not our thing at all. Sounds like Snow Patrol except better (anything without Snow Patrol’s direct involvement is always better). Not too bad, nothing to hate but it’s just too plain.
Sample 7  – What You Know: Same again, but a little better thank Undercover Martyn.
Sample 8 – Eat That Up, It’s Good For You: Sounds avoidable.
Sample 9You Are Not Stubborn: Don’t think they’re for us folks. Lets call it a review.

Remember, to read more badly written yet highly tasteful reviews, just visit tt. This sample has been brought to you by Tickets There in conjunction with The Def Leppard For Jesus Campaign.


2 Responses to “MySpace (Sample) Review – Two Door Cinema Club”

  1. tdcc would kick your asses. Let’s see you do better?

    • Haha, well there’s more of them so maybe they would. Hang on, we’ll make a few calls 🙂 Want to see Tickets There do better? I very much hope we have that chance in the near future. Watch this space 😀

      Thanks for commenting Vinnie, nice to see fans stick up for their bands!

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