MySpace Review – O Emperor

That’s right, another one of Ireland’s hotly tipped underground acts we’ve never seen or heard before. What do we actually do with our time you ask? Well, we drink a fair bit (although not that much, only 3 times this month including new years eve), watch a lot of TV, work on our paint city and listen to a lot of Megadeth, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses and read. Not much time left in that hectic, crazy schedule to be going out and just, *tusks / grunt-laugh/shakes head and frowns* listen to music for the hell of it! Anyways, we’re here now and that’s the important thing and we have some good news! We’re liking O Emperor a lot more than we thought we would. Now for ya!

Never seen them, haven’t heard their album.

Don’t Mind Me reminds us of a song you’d hear in one of those eighties New York films with driving or a small bar. Starts nicely and improves with age. For a gentle, serene mood this is your baby. Po is a liverier wee number. Faster, louder but still nice and relaxed (a word that will be repeated in this review). Sedalia is again ‘relaxed’ (real journalists / bloggers manage to use a little thing called vocabulary guys. Just a hint – Ed), nice on the ears and a very pleasant experience. Recommended so far.

The Fat Lady starts the second half of tunes in an even more sombre, quiet and uneventful (not necessarily a negative use of the word uneventful, just not a whole pile of complexity or action in this case) than the previous three. Very deep reaching piece of music that some have no doubt been captivated and transformed by. Tickets There is in quite a chirpy mood today so no depression here. Still quite enjoyable though and it’ll definitely be on our ‘depressed as hell – need reconciliation and / or companionship from non-in the room human’ list. Heisenberg follows much the same suit except it’s a little too over the top on the dull factor. Quite short which we always see a bonus point to songs we don’t like but just too sad. We need a little piece along the lines of Po now.

To The Sea is last and it’s got life! It’s no Springsteen now, leppin’ about the place or anything but it’s got blood in it’s veins and delivered enough of what we were looking for to finish things on a good note. O Emperor, recommended. If you’re having a nice relaxing Monday, then give them a go,. If you’re stressed out, give them a go. If you’re massively under the weather and ‘bad thoughts’ are spiralling out of control in your warped head, then have a listen to Whitesnake. When you’re all happy and better, then give O Emperor a go. O Emperor MySpace


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