Tickets There – Friday Music Quiz

Welcome to the Tickets There Friday music Quiz. A few feature that challenges the mind as well as your musical knowledge. This is no ordinary quiz let me warn you. The questions are so difficult, so furiously, unimaginably and notoriously hard no priest, storm trooper or search engine (no matter how advanced) can help you. Good luck!

  1. 1.       Only Eyes: Name this rock star using only this small, hard to see image of their eyes.

gene_simmons_narrowweb__300x453,0Bet you’re not happy now you started this. Bet you’re feeling pretty small right about now. Has the panic set in yet? Has the stress started to consume every emotion in your soul? Do you feel as intellectually impotent as a bull frog?? I’m sorry, but Tickets There’s quizzes are of the highest standard,. We stretch across the world in our quiz to challenge every electro that passes through your brain.

  1. 2.       Tricky, Tricky:

The band below used to have an appetite for destruction. Now, the singer is campaigning for democracy in Chine in his own special way. Name this band.


  1. 3.       Difficult galore:

Ok, looks like you’re having trouble and Tickets There doesn’t want to shame you so badly. Who are we to sit on our high chairs and mock unsuspecting fans that scratch their heads and spit fury on the day they ever found this quiz. This time, just this one mind you, we’ll add multiple choices so you don’t feel as down trodden and removed from the higher classes of the musical elite.

This Dylan’s first name is Robert, can you guess his stage name?


  1. 4.       The clincher:

Who is this? No names, I’m making this as hard as possible.


I’m, very sorry you had to go through that but I hope you know now that life isn’t all fun and games. No sir, sometimes, a quiz like this can pop up and take the wind out of your sails. Doctors recommend having a coffee, a small break or a brisk walk to try and recover from this sort of academic challenge. Those doctors never came across a challenge like the one you just undertook. Tickets There recommends you do all three aswell as calling in sick to work (take the Friday to yourself to recuperate), slip going out this weekend and don’t try and bone up one your musical knowledge just yet. Your system won’t be able to handle anymore for at least 24/48 hours.

For those of you who cheap, the answers are below.


1: Gene Simmons (KISS), 2: Guns N Roses, 3: Bob Dylan, 4: The Beatles


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