Well, you may have noticed extensive reconstructions on the Tickets There MySpace this weekend. After toying with the notion of moving everything to WordPress, I’ve decided not to bother so I’m staying here instead. Plans are in the making to launch an actual website in the coming months but for now we’re staying put. Now, enough shameless self promotions (TURN competition agh, cough), you came here to read about Jaded Sun.

Dublin five piece Jaded Sun seem to be getting a good few mentions in the press these days. When I first heard their name I thought it might be just another indie band but apparently I was wrong. I’d been avoiding listening to them based on this but after I heard they were full on rock n roll, I decided a MySpace review was in order. So, without further filler, let’s get started. As usual, I’ve never seen the band live or heard their album/E.P.

First track Breaking Through starts like a Led Zeppelin set opener. Wow, what ever about the music being spot on, what’s most surprising is this band have a pretty savage singer. Very rare for an Irish rock band to have one these days. This track could have been ripped straight from Aerosmith’s debut with blues laden guitars, smashing drums and a steady building riff. A blues fuelled guitar solo half way through confirms this band definitely have something to offer. A pretty deadly song. What’s next?

Next song Higher has more of an early eighties rock feeling. Solid muted guitars with melodic bursts and soaring vocal harmonies that could stand out well in any arena. God, Irish bands are really starting to play rock well again. Fuck Fight Like Apes, this is the next generation. Third track Can’t Stop reverts back to the Zeppeling bluesy style during the verse, a foot stomping Aerosmith styled chorus and a another blues driven solo drive the song home. The vocals remain like a mix of early Steve Tyler and Chris Cornell (yes I know more bands but I’m not trying to be obscure, just blunt) but they don’t diversify much from the standard style. Still, this doesn’t affect things much. Fourth song Hey You has a good AC/DC kind of riff. Slow beats and alot of little lead moments fill the verse before a Rolling Stones-esque chorus give the song it’s full character. Just having a look through the gig calendar and I have to say I’m a little pissed I haven’t checked this band out before when they might have actually been playing in Dublin. The verse continues to kick on before the second chorus speeds the tempo up before a melodic bridge leaves the gates open for a piercing harmonica piece that goes on to jam with the lead guitar. Very, very, very impressed.

Unfortunately there’s only six songs and we’re at number five. Crave changes the pace completely. It starts like a sappy acoustic song with mediocre, wanna be meaningful lyrics. I’m afraid Tickets There just can’t trust a song that sounds like Nickleback wrote it. Next tune! Do It Again bursts in with all guitars rolling and the band return to what they do best, full frontal, clean sounding rock n roll. I always secretly miss the danger sound that acts like Guns N Roses bring to this sound but there ain’t nothing wrong with what Jaded Sun are doing and I think I’ll have another run through the tracks before jumping to the next review. Defiantly a band worth checking it out if you’re a fan of 70’s rock.



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