TURN announce 2014 show

TURNYahoo they’re coming back! Legendary Irish rockers TURN are coming back for a special Christmas show this year and it’s less than four weeks away.

Lead singer Oliver Cole confirmed the band will play their spiritual home venue, the Button Factory on December 27th. This is becoming a bit of an annual thing now and will be Turn’s third re-union in as many years. Unfortunately it’ll only be for the night, or maybe for a few nights if they’re feeling generous, so get in there as quick as you can.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why is this on Tickets There? Well the truth is simple and unapologetic – no matter how bad ass and hard-core metal you think we are, there’ll always be a special place for the mighty Turn – Ireland’s greatest ever everything. If you liked them in college, go! If you never got round to checking them out, go or if you’re just curious to see what Ireland’s greatest ever everything sounds/looks like – go.

Tickets on sale now from ticketmaster priced €15. See you there!


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