Exodus Part Ways With Rob Dukes

560822_10151828959533200_1667321752_nWell, it’s been a while thanks to real work – but I wasn’t going to let this story just pass on by.

Legendary thrash metal heavyweights EXODUS, have parted ways with Rob Dukes. The story broke last week and it’s already been confirmed that the group’s most prolific frontman, Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza, is set to return and take back mic duties.

I have to say, I love Steve’s work with the band and honestly didn’t get into the last three albums as say Bonded By Blood and Tempo of the Damned (two nice obvious choices there), but Rob f**king Dukes! I’m going to miss that man a hell of a lot.

I first saw Rob front the band in 2010 when they played The Village. Metal night of carnage and stagediving. One of the highlights of metal gig going but it still paled in compression to last year’s Button Factory performance when Rob had security ejected from the venue after their harsh handling of stage drivers – one of the most metal displays of awesomeness I’ve ever been fortunate enough to witness.

Rob, best of luck in the future. You are a sh*t cool guy and an awesome front-man. Hopefully you’ll be back on the scene before long!


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