Joe Elliott & Porterhouse Launch New Ale – ‘Louder’

5391518560113Def Leppard / Down ‘N’ Outz singer, Joe Elliott has teamed up with The Porterhouse Chain to release his second rock star drink –  Louder. Leppard fans may remember a few years back when he release his first one – Down ‘N’ Outz larger, which this writer will admit was an acquired taste. This time however they’re going for an ale and it’s coming in at a lovely 11%! (that’s not a coincidence, it is a direct reference to Spinal Tab).  Couple of bottles and you’ll be…thirty for more I guess. Here’s the blurb from Porterhouse,

An American style Barley wine. Big on flavour, big on hops, and big on alcohol. an unseasonably strong beer, brewed with lots of dark malts to give a rich malt character, finishing with a distinctive hop aroma and a little sweetness.

So doesn’t sound like one for fans of Coors Light. Expect a taste update from Tickets There within the week!


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