Joe Elliott Launches Down ‘N’ Outz Beer In Dublin

Legendary Def Leppard front man, Joe Elliott has taken the ultimate rock star plunge and attached his name, or rather his new bands name to his very own beer.

Brewed, bottled and distributed by The Porterhouse, the Down ‘N’ Outz larger was officially launched last week at the Glasnevin premises by the man himself. While taking a year off from Leppard, Joe found time to record a new album with The Down ‘N’ Outz, which pays homage to the lesser known songs by Mott The Hoople front-man, Ian Hunter as well as other bands connected with MTH.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, Sept 21st) Joe will be in London at the Covent Garden Porterhouse, playing a show with the full band for the official UK launch. Tickets are on sale now priced £20.

If you’re looking for Tickets There this Friday night, you’ll find us on Nassau Street between 7-Saturday ‘downing’ many a bottle. Best of luck to Joe with the new beer, TT will be doing our part to make sure the supplies stay fresh.


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