Congrats to Psykosis – Molten Metal Battle Finalists

Finding it unusually hard to find out what happened at the Dublin and Metal Molten Battle of the Bands Semi-Finals, but it appears Psykosis have triumphed in Dublin so Tickets There is sending out our congrats to the lads on a well-deserved place in the London Final. We know you’ll do us proud lads!

For those who don’t know, Psykosis are one of the most prolific thrash metal bands on the Dublin scene, easily tipping up there as one of the best in the country. Proper, full on riffs, tunes with fun, screaming and metal themes (like toxic fugitives and early morning terrors). They’ll be headlining the November Thrash metal Mania at The Pint so pop in and check them out along with the equally awesome Exzeltic.


3 Responses to “Congrats to Psykosis – Molten Metal Battle Finalists”

  1. Donal McBrien Says:

    Hey man, I was the judge for the Molten Battlel up north, and Gargantuan from Enniskillen ran away with the win in Belfast – it wasn’t even close. There were two votes separating The Obscene Machine and Zombified for second place and TOS edged it.

    The singer of TOS and Zombified did another TOS gig round the corner half an hour later too, three gigs in three hours!


  2. […] they sound like pretty hard hitting death metal – expect a review in the near future. They join Dublin semi-finalists, Psykosis, and some other English bands who haven’t a hope to compete in the grand final in […]

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