…and f*uck Aerosmith!

I would consider myself a fan of Aerosmith, but they’re constant bitching over the past couple of years; not to mention American Idols and complete lack of real activity have become a little tiresome. Now they’re trying to pull the finger out of their asses and get back to business and how do they go about that? By trying to undermine KISS.

In a typical Steven Tyler rant he spouts some shite about how KISS are a comic band, dismissed their back catalogue (“They’ve got a couple of hits, but they’re more, they’re comic book“) and even had the balls to suggest Joe Perry’s ‘licks’ were more credible than KISS’ (“A KISS lick and a Joe Perry lick — two different worlds“).

Mr. Tyler, I’m not saying that the time has come for you to kick that imfamous drug habbit of yours, but they are clearly affecting your judgement and perception of reality. While yourself and Mr. Perry purchased ladders that could reach the deepest creveses of your arse holes, KISS have been banging on, touring like crazy, entertaining fans and releasing awesome music. How’s that covers album fairing out for ye? I’d consider myself a half fan now but try to send your nasty over the hill vibes anywhere near the nicest rock band in the world and y’all can just go f**k yourselves. Maybe try and appeal to people with credible new music, rather than pointless insults … (basically, instead of doing what you do, try and act more like KISS :))

Tickets There out. (Check out the new KISS single, ‘Hell or Hallelujah


One Response to “…and f*uck Aerosmith!”

  1. […] a few spins the track is honestly a little weak and drawn out. There’s something very ‘comic book’ about the song and the lyrics. Like, a clown version of your bog standard blues riff without any […]

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