Def Leppard: 2011 Tour to Feature Kansas and Heart

Not sure what to make of this one but apparently Def Leppard’s 2011 tour (for the States presumably, official details are still pending) will feature none other than Kansas (Carry on my Wayward Son / Dust In The Wind) and Heart (?? Two folk chick singers) as co-headliners / Special guests.

Several members from Leppard have hinted over the last few months that a tour and possible album/EP release will come out in 2011 and all ‘unconfirmed reports’ aside, this seems to be 100% go and we’re just waiting for dates.

Dashed are Tickets There’s dreams that Whitesnake and the Lepp might make the 2008/9 line-up a permanent tour feature. Ah well, maybe we’ll all become Kansas fans soon, the Americans seem to like them. We’ll bring you more when we have it. I guess it’s time to call Joe Elliott up for a cooling bottle of Down ‘N’ Outz and find out exactly what’s going down.

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4 Responses to “Def Leppard: 2011 Tour to Feature Kansas and Heart”

  1. Who the hell wrote this little note? The English think they got the last word on rock n roll. Should I remind you that The Beatles liked people such as Chuck Berry (American). Heart (you know, the folkie chick singers) should headline this whole damn affair. Bite Me

    • Perhaps try reading sites before you go looking for a fight Jamie. Tickets There is an Irish website, not English and I thank you for noticing and also look around – hell of a lot of love for American bands on Tickets There.

      You want bad mouthing, go find it but f**k off from here with your shit.

      • Jamie’s right. Reducing Heart to “two folk chick singers” considering the hits they had…Crazy on You, Magic Man, Barracuda, These Dreams, etc…makes you look rather ignorant.

      • Couldn’t care how it makes us look 🙂 (and none of ye are going to get some great debate here, I couldn’t be arsed when it comes to …Heart ….)

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