INTO-NOISE! Innercity Pirates (MySpace Review)

Innercity Pirates have been the band of choice for Tickets There recently. Still working from the bands MySpace Player (because we’re broke ass bloggers, too shy and lazy to ask for promotional material and even more lazy when it comes time to reply to mails offering stuff). One problem, there’s only four songs up. Curse you MySpace, there should be a four album minimum when a band is this good.

While you were wondering what side of the planet Tickets There fell off, we’ve been busy, busy repeating the same four songs over and over again because we apparently love it when bands mix The Foo Fighters, The Pixies, Silly fun and a little bit o-Punk and stick it all in one place. It works we tells ya.

Seen it All Before, Love’s Over, Locked in This Game and Bang Bang are all fantastic pieces of music. They’re not out competing for Stairway to Heaven’s title or anything but given the choice what we’d prefer to hear at this very moment, these four win hands down. There’s no messing, no nonsense and the talent is more than strong enough to turn these slightly silly compositions and turn them into very decent, guitar driven belters. The vocals can take some adjusting, it took us a while to figure out of lead singer Russell Toomey is pulling the piss or for real but they work so well after a few spins that they become the last thing you’d change. It’s over stretched and its kick ass.

It’s Friday, it’s International-Piss Up night and Tickets There feels (very strongly I might add) that this band right here (see name in articles title) are the ones that’ll make home drinking a lot more fun. Check out their MySpace now and while you’re there, check out their artwork, worth checking out on its own….check out. That’s four in one sentence, beat that!


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