Axl Rose – Asshole or Hero? NME Ask The Question!

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Tim Chester over at the English music scenes answer to a cheap gossip rag, New Musical Express has posted a question based piece entitled, ‘Axl Rose – Asshole or Hero?’. Now normally the NME isn’t worth reading, replying to or taking any notice of at all, well not unless you want to know which shop Pete Doherty just walked out of or what brand of cigarettes Amy Winehouse smokes (Thanks Daily Gossip!). But this time Tickets There is taking the liberty of branding the author, the magazine and their staff a bunch of over the hill, raised on camp indie bullshit-artists, with as much right to write about Rock N’ Roll as a Nazi has to a fair hearing.

The Facts: Reading 2010

Guns N’ Roses played Reading on Friday night. In the week leading up to the event, NME spearheaded reporting a speech from Reading /Leeds organizer Melvin Been that the Guns had been issued a warning that their stage times must be adhered to after local councils and police made a similar warning to Melvin a co.

The band were scheduled to arrive on stage at 09:30pm, eventually arriving at 10:30 -an hour late. Their original cut off time was 11:30pm and they managed to play on until 12:00. When the band tried to return for an encore, their sound was cut so the band staged a sit in protest after leading the crowd through an ‘acoustic’ rendition of Paradise City, which saw nearly 90,000 fans singing along and chanting ‘Let Them Play‘ and ‘Fuck You Reading‘(Not a secret, watch the videos). They eventually left the stage after Axl made a comment the band would not play Leeds after the treatment they received at Reading by ‘those responsible’

Coming on Late Ain’t right is it?

For the past twenty years, Guns N’ Roses have had a very obvious, very public, well documented and very much lampooned and hated reputation for showing up late by heritage fans and the music press. In fact, the writer shows a knowledge for this by highlighting (as usual) the low points and incidents of previous GN’R tours, in no great detail or context off course as that might involve some real journalism on their behalf – God forbid. For anyone to act surprised or angry at the group for turning up late has a vendetta because Axl Rose and the band have never done anything to make you think they’ve changed.

Do these people still act surprised when they get wet in the shower? Because they seem to have no comprehension for the flippin’ obvious.

Our Response – Axl Rose – Asshole or Hero?

Rock music has lost it’s way – Rock is now dead. Rock N Roll hall of fame, award shows – heritage bands reuniting, greatest hits set-lists, staying together for the ‘career’, money, album after album of repeated glory day styles, follow the rules, adapt to the industry’s expectations, the fans expectations, pander to the press, bad mouth your band mates and still stick together because there’s no-where else to go. Bands are old, rock is old and it’s fans, it’s bands and the industry built around them to exploit and drain what ever profits it can has finally destroyed what was once a perfect machine for encouraging rebellion. A style designed to give kids a voice to express their views, their difference of opinion and the things the mean the most to them.

Rock N’ Roll, Punk, Rap, Heavy Metal all evolved in each generation to suit new fans, new young people and their lives but the spirit of rock n roll has always been carried over and that message is simple – Don’t Follow The Rules and fuck society, fuck the industry, the government and fuck you, I’ll do what I want.

That message has become a cliché, a punch line for the marketing and advertising industry every time a twenty two year old college grad is given the new Motorhead album to push. The people running things, the bands involved and the new breed of fans, raised on ageing fogies playing greatest hits tours every year while struggling younger bands repeatedly get passed up so rich musicians can make more money. These days bands have to sound like Coldplay or Arcade Fire to get ahead, music that your gran, neighbours and teachers can sit back with, sip wine to and discuss the banking crisis. Very rock n’ roll eh.

Then you take Guns N’ Roses. Old Guns N’ Roses. Slash, Duff, Axl, Izzy and Steven and Appetite for Destruction. Sweet Child O Mine, Welcome to The Jungle and Paradise City. massive. Then Later with Don’t Cry, November Rain, Live and Let Die, You Could be Mine…just as massive. They had it all and could still be out there today, like every single other heritage rock band making money, touring Appetite for Destruction and a choice selection from what ever Appetite rip off they released that year and pandering to the fans every whim and wish. The so called ‘Most Dangerous Band‘ could be there in the O2, top hat, American flag shorts and all, like nothing ever changed in the past twenty years.

Wake the fuck up, things change and people move on.

Slash is gone, playing American anthems to stadiums, selling guitars for Gibson, living up in every respect to the stereotype cast on him. Discussing reunions and his love for Axl. Duff is around, playing in second rate punk bands, writing for Playboy (he’s a journalist now don’t ya know) and still playing with Slash and Matt Sorum in Guns N’….sorry, I mean Velvet Revolver. He likes to discuss reunions occasionally aswell. Steven, poor Steven plays in Adler’s Appetite, a band that until recently exclusively played Appetite For Destruction at every show. Again, he mentions the idea of a re-union at every given opportunity.

Axl does not discuss reunions, he does not give interviews, he does not play national anthems to baseball stadiums full of 40/50 year old Americans who point and remember he was the guy who sang Sweet Child O’ Mine. He keeps the band fresh. He works on his music in his own time, he tours and plays shows ranging from 2.5-3.5 hours with a new band of incredibly tight musicians playing half hits and half new material. He goes on stage when he’s ready, he releases his music when he’s ready and he does what he likes, when he wants to do it. Not when people tell him he should do it.

He makes no secret of this and anyone that tries to argue that is an opinionated, but faceless moron following the sheep and the lead taken by people set out against Axl for personal grudges. Ya see, musicians who don’t pander to the press become enemies. People who won’t do what they’re told become a nuisance. and people who tell you to fuck off after you’ve devoted yourself to them for years on end get pissed off.

Axl Rose does what he likes when he likes. He doesn’t set out to piss off fans or anyone else but anyone turning up at a Guns show expecting to see the band on time is a straight up retard and fuck knows where they’d get the idea that was going to happen. It might, it’s not like they never turn up on time but you only hear of the occasions when they don’t. It’s not like every other band in the world always turn up on time, but then again – they don’t make as interesting reading as Axl.

He doesn’t pander to press, to fans, to x-band mates, to record companies or to anyone who else who tells him what he should be dong. He’s nearly 50 years old and he knows very well what he’s doing and how he wants it done. he knows when he’s ready to walk on stage to give the best performance he can and he knows when his musics ready. The Press, managers, fans and no-one else knows this because they all suck off the ‘product’ he’s giving the world. if you don’t like it – fuck off, if you question it – fuck off and if you have a problems guess what – Fuck Off!

Rock N’ Roll is rebellion and Axl Rose rebels against pretty much every rule in the book, whether it’s the industry making them, Society making them, the fans making them or his band making them. He will give you a fantastic show as long as you don’t throw shit at him (by the way, how many of you would remain in your chairs at work if customers came along throwing bottles and coins at you with a spot light in your face blocking your view?? Ya, fuck off!).

Axl Rose is the last true hero of rock n roll because he’s the only one famous enough still telling pressure and rules to go fuck themselves and anyone that can’t see that has no business being a fan of rock in the first place. Fuck off and listen to Radiohead and leave Rock N Roll alone for people with some balls.

Moving On:

Guns N’ Roses play Belfast on Tuesday, Dublin on Wednesday. Don’t go if you want Slash, don’t go if you have somewhere to be after. Go if you want to see the last true icon of a rotting genre, that once gave people alot of hope before it’s originators, it’s fans and it’s spokespeople were absorbed back into the system the movement set out to defy in the first place. He might also play a few cracking tunes while you’re there.

NME – Stick to reviewing The Kings of Leon, The Libertines and The Klaxons. That seems to be as much danger as ye can handle. I hear there’s a fat, squirrel eating lesbian naked somewhere – go quick, there’s a cover due!


54 Responses to “Axl Rose – Asshole or Hero? NME Ask The Question!”

  1. Great post man! There’s only one Axl!

    • ass hole are hero ? where do they even come up with this shit ….
      axl rose is still one of the best rockers out there he still got a kick ass band a great new cd and is on tour ….. look at most of the bands from the early 80s there gone …. fact axl is a hero fuck da haters

  2. Excellent post, glad someone has the same view that I do

  3. ahhh shit… I had tears in my eyes reading this! WTF!!! I should receive a pay check for writing this as I pretty much should have! Thank you for not forgetting what rnr is. I only wish the suits could fukn figure it out!

  4. “nearly 90,000 fans singing along and chanting ‘Let Them Play‘ and ‘Fuck You Reading‘(Not a secret, watch the videos).”

    Sorry man, but you’re wrong here. I was at Reading – I don’t know if you were. I was just outside the ring formed by the speaker stands. There wasn’t anybody chanting that there – there WERE people going “what a wanker”, “fucking idiot”, and “if you come on late…”

    It’s one thing to turn up an hour late at your own headline show, it’s another to waste an hour of everybody’s time when they’ve been on their feet all day at a festival. They came on an hour late, sounded dire, and had some seriously stupid stuff (like 20 or so different shifts and jackets for Axl).

    They got booed onto the stage, and laughed off it.

    • Hi Matt,

      Judging by the chants in these video’s, there seem to be alot of people from Reading who’s disagree with that.

      ‘Waste an hour of everyone’s time’ – sorry, how many guns did the band have aimed at yer heads to make ye stay? And being the first day of a three day festival -where exactly did you have to go afterwards?

      I don’t doubt there was booing at the beginning, it’s become part of the act after years of scatting press attacks and fans unwillingness to move on from the past but the simple fact is – if you don’t want to see them or wait for them to come on then don’t, leave.

      There were other bands playing around the site, maybe the ‘booers’ should have moved on.

      • You want me to watch a video rather than what I saw and heard…? That’s a bit crazy, but I appreciate that you can only go on what you see online instead of what you saw. If you want to watch videos though, listen to the boos between the repeated intros to Welcome To The Jungle here:

        Let’s see, everyone’s waiting to see them, the word is that they’re sitting around backstage, so people keep waiting. Nobody wants to wander off just before they come on. As to what people had to do afterwards – get trains/buses/drive if they aren’t there for the weekend, maybe? Here’s the point – this wasn’t a Guns ‘n’ Roses concert, it was a slot at an outdoor festival on the stage that’s the main source of noise pollution in the town during the weekend. Throwing a paddy because they only got half an hour additional after the time they were told the hammer would drop is just daft.

        I know why I didn’t leave, and I know why some of my friends didn’t leave either. It was like watching a car crash. When you see someone at Reading racing off to change shirts every other song at most, with a guitarist who seems to be dressed as Slash, dodgy piano solos, etc, it’s hard to tear your eyes away.

        The guy’s a cock – this wasn’t rock ‘n’ roll behaviour, it was acting like a spoiled child.

      • Hey Matt,

        I appreciate the input from someone who was there(sorry, had a typo). Very true we weren’t but we’re also weighting reports from fans and people who weren’t impressed. I’ve seen a bunch of the videos and it’s obvious some people loved them, some didn’t and were pissed off at the band coming on late.

        The bottom line is still pretty simple though – if they didn’t want to see Guns they shouldn’t have stayed. if the festival organizers didn’t want to run the risk of the curfew being broken they shouldn’t have booked the most notorious band in the world for curfew breaking.

        Guns don’t come on late to annoy people, Axl simply waits until he is ready to play. Getting up in front of 90,000 people is pretty daunting, especially when many in the crowd just turn up to watch a ‘car crash’ or boo you.

        It’s Axl’s choice what time he comes on at and he does what he likes. People may get pissed off but that’s their problem. Don’t go to see them again if you’re unhappy. If you have shit to do, do it and don’t miss trains, appointments or whatever else because you couldn’t leave.

        (That’s not aimed at you by the way, generally aimed at anyone whining about their plans being messed up because of Guns late appearance)

        Also, they played most of their set and finished up just 25 mins after they were meant to so people got to see the show. Good / Bad – whatever. Everyone has their good days and bad days.

    • what? i was at the show it was great they played a full set and so what if axl changes his jackets its fucking rock n roll ….. if you dont like them then why did you wait so long for them to come on your a wanker …

  5. Sorry man, I normally agree with most of the stuff you write (you know I love ya!), but saying people should accept GnR Showing up late because they always do it is just wrong. Leeds festival nearly got shut down after they turned up late last time and were allowed to keep playing, GnR knew that. They should have basic respect for their fans and turn up on time, rather than choose risking the entire future of a legendary festival once again because ‘they’re GnR and people should be used to it by now’. As much as I love their (older) music, they have no right to act like dicks. They should get over themselves.

    • Hey James! (I’m taking back the Limp Bizkit comment :p)

      My point for the Reading / Leeds shows is that the festival promoters know very well what GN’R are like. If they had trouble with them before, they shouldn’t have booked them a second time. GN’R didn’t book Reading and Leeds – Reading and Leeds booked Guns N’ Roses.

      There is and has never been such a thing as anyone demanding they turn up on time. The band will come on stage when they are ready to give their best possible performance. People like us can’t grasp that because we have mortgages, managers, families..etc and too many things at stake if we don’t take care of our responsibilities.
      Bookers and fans need to take more responsibility for attending a GN’R show themselves. The band comes on late sometimes and nothing’s going to change that. They should be put on earlier in the day or not booked at all when there’s a serious risk like license revoking at stake.

      They respect their fans and play a full show but they do not answer to orders and that is Rock N’ Roll. People can say what they like about what they should do – but not doing it makes them the Rock icons they are

      • I think we’ll just have to disagree on this one man. It’s acceptable to some people because of what they’ve achieved, but there’s no way a smaller hardcore band would ever do this, they know it’s just not an acceptable way to perform in a professional industry. And to turn up late and then complain, having already been told the restrictions were in place – hypocritical to say the least, they were fully warned. I don’t care if they write the best music in the world (which in my opinion they havent even been close to in the last decade plus) they should show some basic respect for those who pay to see them. It is, after all, an entertainment industry, and Reading does have day tickets – there’d have been plenty of people hopping on the last late trains, most of them GnR fans (obvious reason to buy a single day ticket). They didnt show that basic respect, and it’s their fans who suffer through a shortened set, no one else.

      • But James that’s the point – the spirit of rock n roll shouldn’t be defined by any industry. It’s meant to be about rebellion and the only people getting annoyed by Guns antics are the ones who’ve come accustomed to certain rules and norms from an industry designed to make the bands work within guidelines – the very thing that ends up killing most bands creativity the longer they stay in the game.

        The band will play when they’re ready and they’ll give their fans a great show but you will not be happy if you expect something from them they’ve never offered. They will entertain and no-one can say they don’t entertain haters and fans alike with their actions but they will not work like every other band out there. They’re big enough and popular enough that they can do what they like so they do.

        If I was at Reading you know what I would have done – gone and gotten a pint and waited like I will in Belfast and Dublin if the band don’t arrive on stage. I’ll check out merch, I’ll go for cigarettes and when the band is ready to come on, I’ll be right there supporting them.

        People who went to Reading for Guns N’ Roses alone should have known better. The organizers should have known better.

      • I agree to an extent man, I just think there’s a minimum requirement when it comes to professionalism, and GnR dont meet it. Being rock icons is no excuse for not actually playing the show you’re meant to, hardly a sign of a great band!

      • Ah they are a great band, just not a reliable live band. If they play, more than likely it’ll be a great show. Sometimes the show might not be so great – same as any other band. You just may have to wait a wee while longer for them to reach the stage either way.

  6. Vince Goh Says:

    freaking awesome read. you pretty much summed up what i had in mind all these years. those “new metal” bands and these fucking new music news shit….. what the fuck? when axl started out in the 80’s and 90’s, you fuckers were still wearing diapers! who the fuck are you? but hey, i pity you. cuz you little cocksuckers don’t know what true rock n roll really is! so as axl would probably say to all you cocksuckers out there: “suck my fucking dick!”

  7. Dude… Well said…

    I agree with pretty much everything you’ve had to say. I’ll always love GNR, and I’ll always love Axl. When I finally do get to see them live, the LAST thing I’ll expect is for them to turn up on time. As you said, it’s not like they’re the most reliable band in the world. But that’s part of the reason I love them.

    I love the fact Axl doesn’t take any shit, and I appreciate his reasons for leaving the stage when some wanker throws something at him. He doesn’t need that, and he doesn’t deserve that. He doesn’t ruin the show, the idiots that throw stuff at the stage ruin the show.

    I LOVE Chinese Democracy, and think it includes some of Axl’s best work to date. I think people have chosen to trash the album, anyway, because of the long delay in it’s release and the fact that none of the original GNR played on the songs. To me, all of that is irrelevant. It would have been nice to hear Slash, Duff, Izzy and Steven on the album, but I was more than happy with their replacements. And, for me at least, GNR has always been about Axl. Having Slash on guitar was just a bonus.

    Nice work dude, you hit the nail on the head, and created something far better than NME ever could.

  8. Hero.

  9. That was a nice post there Mrs Rose.

  10. Guns N Roses are a disgrace. Axl rose is a has been. OLD MAN GIVE IT UP.
    He wouldnt be were he is today if it wasnt for his fans. He seems to have forgotten that.
    I was at concert in Dublin. Bought tickets for my daughter as a surprise and he walked off. she was devastated
    He has been playing for years and he walked off because a plastic cup was thrown at him. Ah poor little princess.
    Have you noticed that at the last few concerts he had played he has thrown tantrums always someone elses fault and NEVER his.
    Sad part is that all he had to do was apologies for the delay after first song and all would have been forgiven.

    • You and your daughter got to see a Guns show that will go down in history…well, guns history anyway. Now that’s value for money if you ask me 😉

    • Did your ticket say at what time they would begin? Cause my ticket in Denmark only said when the doors would open, so therefor he couldnt have been late :P, i had to wait for an hour after the warm up band, i didnt care, it was well worth the wait, and like Tickets There said, you do your job happy and without a complaint if someone throws bottles or beer glasses at you?

    • actually they did say on the promoters site support at 20:00 Guns and Roses 21:00. Didn’t come on till half ten. Agree with this comment, I attended the Dublin show worst night of my life, sheer and utter disgrace. He’s not welcome back in Ireland anymore. Slash comes and gives us an amazing show then we get the egotistical little princess and he does this. It was one shitty little cup that got thrown not an entire bottle. then when they do come back he stands at the back sits for a load of the show and doesn’t interact with the crowd at all, stupid cunt all he is. Could have just said sorry. I also don’t agree with your point that it’s rock and roll to be late, that we should expect it, Green day, Bruce Springsteen Metallica Bob Dylan, of the greatest live Rock acts on the planet, always on time always put on a fantastic show don’t react like spoilt little brats to something small. and if they are late they apologize. Axl needs a a serious reality check. Hopefully he’ll never return to Ireland never put us through that again

      • You dont speak for Ireland, so shut the fk up and sit at home next time.

        I was at Belfast gig It was awesome. had to wait 40mins after support band but did’nt care cause I was out for the night with my buddies about to see a legend on stage.
        When the band came on they blew us away, granted half the ppl around us just sat and watched the show through most of the new material. they still got to there feet and sang when a tune came on they did know.

        Axl and co are always welcome and Im glad he’s not just a greastest hits touring band, how boring would that be !!

        Bring on the next album and I dont care if its in another 15years.

      • “I attended the Dublin show worst night of my life, sheer and utter disgrace.”

        If that’s the worst thing that ever happened to you, then you’ve had a pretty easy life.

  11. great article…..
    thanks 🙂

  12. Hey i think its a good article you have written, maybe a little too much declaring 80 thousand people singing and chanting from some cam video from youtube but overall a good read, i agree with you on most parts also, the bookers knew well what they were going into when booking the band, but if one gets axl and the band on a good night its well worth the wait or even missing the last train or whatever

    • Yeah, saw a few extra videos pointed out by Matt from back in the crowd and there was alot of people unhappy at the late start/performance..etc.

      Thing is, no matter how good Guns sound people set out to tear them down anyway, something I finally have experience with. I was all prepared for the Belfast show to be a let down but I was blown away by the quality of the bands performance but off course, the next day the papers were out slating them. Fortunately I wasn’t in the minority and fans have back lashed to say they were amazing.

      People are always going to be angry at Axl for the onl line-up issues and just can’t seem to let it go. Wonder if Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Smashing Pumpkins, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple…etc all get the same treatment aswell?

  13. Says:

    hero !!!

  14. Plissken2013 Says:

    Great article. Very good writing. Axl is the last man of his kind standing, I mean proudly standing. Fuck the haters, it’s just as simple as that.





  16. Nice read!
    I myself waited for about 2 hours in two shows I went to, and it was worth the wait. And no one was throwing bottles because of that.
    And Axl apologized for being late later on. Watch some bootlegs people, he never talks for the first 7 or so songs. If you all just had a little patience…

    As for the “Axl has no respect for the fans” bit. Well, one of the shows I attended was in Rio. First scheduled date, it rained like fucking hell and the stage collapsed. No show. 😦 He tried to set it up for the next day but that was not possible. So he went on with his tour, going all the way up to Central America… and then, came back down when the promotors managed to arrange another date for them to play.
    Now, he could have said “Fuck it, it’s too much trouble. I showed up, it wasn’t my fault there was no show” and just left it at that, but thaey came back. Now, I think that is caring about the fans, but maybe that’s just me.

    Axl is a hero in my book. If you think he is an asshole, well, just fuck off.

    • Cheers Deborah (and everything else from Here Today Gone to hell, Chinese, GNRrev…& many more stopping by today)

      The ‘not respecting the fans’ bit isn’t meant to mean Axl doesn’t respect his fans. It means he doesn’t pander to the ones calling for reunions or the ones criticizing his newer style. Axl has a great deal of time for his fans from what I’ve seen and gets on brilliantly with the ones who don’t annoy the balls of him.

      • Oh, but I didn’t mean the bit was by you. You’re text is great. 🙂 I was reffering to the butt-hurt people who comment around the internet 😀
        I think there were some comments of that nature here too, somewhere above mine… too tired to check it out. 😛

    • he didn’t apologise at all in Dublin..






  18. Someone mentioned of a forum site about this being a hypocritical article as I attack Slash and the lads for moving on with their lives.

    Wasn’t meant as an attack on the boys, simply pointing out that they’ve all grown a little older, more sensible and they’re starting to conform to the stereotypes cast on them in one way or another without taking any risks any more.

    Slash was/is and always has been my guitar hero and is without a doubt the coolest guy in rock music. Not a massive fan of his new album but I’ll never think bad of him, only point out the truth.

  19. Ginger Rose( I Wish) Says:

    With AFD Axl told us all “Show usually starts around 7, we go on stage around 9”. He warned us that he was gonna be a couple hours late. That man has given us so much of himself and I love him for that! Thank You Axl Rose!

  20. Axl is a great artist, he is a hero

  21. Superecwfan1 Says:

    I gotta agree. The band for years is a notorious late to the stage band. What makes it fucking worse is Melvin Benn was there in 2002 when this same band …Axl Rose …showed up 2 hours late and ran over. So what does he do…he has them show up 8 years later !

    Plus as someone explained to me Benn’s been around the scene 30 years. So how come in 30 years he claims Rose in an article coming to the stage late is a “legend” now ? Then it happens. Someone should take blame and well Mr. Benn…your going to. Because ya don’t be around 30+ years in the industry and not know Guns n Roses is a late band.

    Plus Axl as I tried to explain doesn’t give a fuck. He will do whatever he wants. When Axl is gone , these bands people want who do whatever the hell they want and act like perfect gentlemen , will be around. But the spirit of Rock …HARD ROCK …the kind that says FUCK YOU ASSHOLE …will be gone when Axl isn’t there. Then we will have to be sad because we lost our last damn rebel.

    Rock on Axl…. Guns n Roses fan here who knows the score. You do…whatever the fuck you wanna do. No one tells ya what to do. And well…I like that.

  22. im not so much on agreeance with the Axl thing but yes it is whut he does,my attitude is for the new members of “HIS” band ,,especially like DJ Asba who is nothin but dedicated to his fans.and the other members of G-N-R also,,,whut do you think they feel like sittin around knowin 90,000 fans wanna see them play,,,im bettin it almost breaks them down knowin thier “BOSS” is an asshole ,,,but then again they took the job and like all we must work for assholes,,

  23. Axl Rose has chosen great musicians for his new band. I’ve been a fan of original gn’r and now I’m a fan of new gn’r. Axl Rose! I love him!

  24. Those who got nothing constructive to say can just fuck off. Axl is the ultimate rock god and no one else can ever top his voice. The guy can not win and can not please everyone. For those one who wants the concert to be spot on time well just dont bloody buy their tickets and just sit down in your living room to watch fucking Eastenders or any of your sad soap!!! Just name me one singer who is better than him? To sum up those who keep saying bad things to Axl are total losers…’re just jealous because he got such gifted voice that made him famous and rich.

  25. Absolutely loved this article! You said it all. I really don’t understand all the commotion when it comes to GnR’s onstage times. For me a rock concert is about a great night out, and timekeeping has never come into play for me. My ticket never specifies when the main act is scheduled to play, and I can’t say I have ever paid any attention to it. If there is a gap between the support and the main act, you have a few drinks, chat to your friends… what’s the problem?

    I went to see GnR twice on their current tour. Both times the show started around 10.30pm, and both times I was blown away by the show, the band, and Axl’s voice and stage presence. And I know I’ll be in the minority, but as a bit of a night owl I enjoyed having the gigs go on late into the night rather than being chucked out of the venue at 10.30pm – it made the gigs that little bit more exciting.

    What the media and many complainers seem to be ignoring is the amount of effort the band goes to in order to give the fans a great show. What is more respectful to the fan – showing up on the dot at 8.30, playing a dutiful 90 mins and buggering off home, or playing a massive, energetic 3 hour set with fireworks but a little later in the night? I know what I would choose…

    • My thoughts exactly Marianne, when the hell did time keeping become such an integral part of a rock n roll show? Personally I’m more concerned with the bands playing when I go to a gig, rather than their time keeping ability.

  26. […] out off or what brand of cigarettes Amy Winehouse smokes (Thanks Daily Gossip!). But this time Tickets There is taking the liberty of branding the author, the magazine and their staff a bunch of over the hill, […]

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