Guns N’ Roses: Power Cut By Reading Organizers

Guns N’ Roses set was cut short last night by Reading authorities after they ran over their 11:30pm curfew. Reading organizer, Melvin Benn spent most of last week shooting his mouth off to the press about the strict times being applied to Guns set and announced that if the band tried to play longer, he would pull the plug after local authorities in Reading threatened the festivals license.

After finishing the majority of their set, Guns returned to the stage for an encore around 00:00 only to find their sound cut which lead to Axl and band staging a sit in while the crowd chanted ‘Let Them Play‘. Without guitars, Guns drummer Frank Ferrer led the crowd into an ‘acoustic’ , crowd sung rendition of Paradise City and We Will Rock You. Axl and Guitarist DJ Ashba also went into the pit thanking members of the audience before returning to the stage and announcing that because of the organizers handling of the night, the band would not play Leeds tomorrow night.

According to NME and Reading & Leeds spokespeople, the bands show will go ahead tomorrow and you can follow all the guns updates RIGHT HERE – CLICK, CLICK, CLICK


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