My Space Review – Enemies

Hard Working Class Heroes 2010 is beginning to pay off! Tickets There has been trawling through the line-up, searching for any hidden gems and here we go, straight to number one we’ve found a band that combines The Redneck Manifesto with Adebisi Shank and gives you solid, well delivered instrumental tunes galore. Enemies have been around for over three years so we’re pretty sure we’re not exactly introducing them to the world, but as ye all know a mention on Tickets There guarantees bands at least a 4,500% increase in record sales! *

*(Not legally binding – Tickets There Incorporated PLC .net Octagon specialists in the field of terminal technology and severed biscuits offers no such guarantee that albums sales will increase as a result of this review. All references to such an offer or purely based on the writers own poor attempts at humor with an objective to pass themselves off as witty and make our reader (readers on Saturday) chuckle for no less than 0.3 seconds)

We’ve never seen them live or heard their album(s).

Without going into each songs merits (of which there’s many), lowlights (of which there’s few/none) and nitty gritty’s lets us just say that Enemies are one of the most engaging, exciting, powerful produced and well arranged instrumental bands we’ve ever heard, They mix tropical hop alongs (Trademark name for all that finger tapping, Fender styled lead parts ya hear) with full on, break the strings, neck and shatter the body riffage. We’ve Been Talking is such a gem of a track you just can’t put it down. Up’s downs, Armageddon and plenty of Tropical hop alongs!

Bits of Parrots starts off with a very mellow vide. Nice, lounge atmosphere, swaying guitars and ever so slight THAL’s that intertwine with a very ‘on the edge drumming style’. The band want to get baked on Acid, the drummer wants to explode out. Don’t believe the relaxation though, as the song unfolds things return to overdriven pile drive riffs and guitar supremacy – Love it!

Two Lads, the final song on their MySpace page (*weeps) is where things really come together. Seven Minutes of musical perfection, captivating changes, pleasant moments of calm and feedback introduced minutes of carnage. It’s complex, layered and constantly evolving, meaning the minutes fly by and you end up clicking repeat more times than you can count.

Excellent band and one we’ll have to see live. If you like instrumental rock/metal/indie – then these guys are for you.

Enemies MySpace


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  1. Really excellent band. I’m looking forward to their next album. Their first is the best for me. Rock on \m/ guys.

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