Jape: Debut Album ‘Cosmosphere’ Now Online

2009 Choice Award Winner, Jape have added their debut album, Cosmosphere to their new Website. Along with Cosmosphere, you’ll also find follow up albums The Monkeys In The Zoo Have More Fun Than Me and the amazing Ritual

Cosmosphere is where Jape first stretched out into the world and became the band we all know and love. Physical copies are like gold dust but now everyone can listen and enjoy the album Mr. Egan has generously stuck up free of charge. Tickets There’s advise – leave this site immediately, go over and enjoy some early Jape tunage! Oh, and did we mention you can Download it for Free?

Visit Jape at their new home http://japemusic.com/ and check out their always amazing artwork, news and most importantly THE MUSIC!

Japes new album is already half way through the mixing process so an expect an update very soon. Tickets There has decided to stop listening to the new demos and tracks on Soundcloud to let the buzz build but so far it sounds great!
Pic Comes from Somadrone / Neil O Connor


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