Guns N’ Roses: Europe 2010 Kicks Off Tonight

** UPDATED – 01/06/2010 **

Guns have just finished in Norway. No account of how the show went but reliable TT’s found the set-list. Seems shorter than previous shows on the tour.

1. Chinese Democracy
2. Welcome To The Jungle
3. It’s So Easy
4. Mr. Brownstone
5. Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney cover)
6. Sorry
7. This I Love

8. Rocket Queen
9. Street Of Dreams
10. You Could Be Mine
11. Sweet Child O’ Mine
12. November Rain
13. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan cover)
14. Nightrain

15. Madagascar
16. Better

17. Paradise City

** Original Article **

Once again, a Guns N’ Roses tour is about to begin and few outside their die-hard fan-base are aware. Currently The Most dangerous band in the world are set to play a shocking 9 gigs over the next three months. How they plan to meet this grueling, intensive schedule boggles both the mind and physics. The logistics of trying to get from Denmark to the UK in 1.5 months is beyond human possibility. Learn our limitations Axl, damn it! We’re only people for fecks sake.

Sarcasm aside, Tickets There stands by Axl and the guys and we’re confident there’s more dates on the cards for us Europeans. Norway, Russia, Sweden and Finland are odd choices but maybe Axl’s sick of the rest of Europe’s bitching….and he’d be right to! Anywho, if more dates come out, we’ll announce em but for now, this is the full list of Euro 2010 shows.

May 31 – Bergen, Norway
June 2 – Oslo, Norway
June 5 – Helsinki, Finland
June 6 – St. Petersburg, Russia
June 8 – Moscow, Russia
June 12 – Norje, Sweden
June 14 – Aalborg, Denmark
August 27 – Reading, UK
August 29 – Leeds, UK

Tickets There would like to wish the Guns the best of luck for tonights show, hope everything goes well!!

4 Responses to “Guns N’ Roses: Europe 2010 Kicks Off Tonight”

  1. Please take the tour to The Netherlands.

    • If they expand the tour at all, there will be a date in the Netherlands. Too many rumors for there not to be…off course, if Axl reads this response he might not play there at all just to despite people who think they can call what he’ll do. So, They won’t be playing Holland (wink, wink :))

  2. martina Says:

    is this the original GNR as in with slash, duff , gilbert, axl etc or just axl and newbies????

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