Ash – Joy Kicks Darkness (Single Review)


Third single this year from Tickets There’s choice for Irelands leading alternative rock group, Ash and the third style we’ve seen from them. From the hard fueled disco styling’s of Return of White Rabbit the Co. Down boys moved onto some classic eighties era synths and pop with True Love 1980. The second single of their A-Z Series. Joy Kicks Darkness is more along the lines of restrained loud rock! And TT likes this.

Beginning with a slow, muted guitar intro and some light military style drumming on the snare, Joy Kicks Darkness is one of those builders Tickets There likes to discuss so much. It explodes in traditional Ash patented excessive, cathy pop style. The verse is a little slow at first but it grows on you once you hear the grandness of the chorus, not to mention the monster guitar solo’s and leads towards the end.

After a few listens it seems the for the second (third really) time in a row, Ash have pulled it off. Joy Kicks Darkness isn’t their best work but it’s pretty damn good and if we had a few more like it in the charts, the music world would be a lot more fun.



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