MySpace Review – Liz Is Evil


The search continues. I’m still rummaging through the hundred or so acts that are playing this years Hard Working Class Heroes Festival and trying my best to pick to and review the best. So far we’ve seen Sounds of System Breakdown, Sweet Jane, C!ties and The Star Department. Not a bad lot (except T.S.D.) so let’s move on and see how many more we can come across.

Tonight’s first MySpace Review will look at Dublin locals, Liz Is Evil. I’m afraid they were playing tonight so it’s too late to catch the show…but who cares eh? You’ll see them again.

As usual, I’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

The first song on their MySpace is their latest single, Beached. It’s kind of rocky punk with more USA punk rock lyrics. Music is good, steady and heavy-ish. The lyrics wont inspire any great movement but it’s not a bad song. More than good enough to relive me of my ever present fear that I’ll have to sit through six songs of crap. Second song, Mount Molehill is more of an Irish / Celtic kind of punk number. Not as poppy as Beached and alot more interesting for any fans of the Clash or The Dropkick Murphy’s. Just had a second listen and yes, Tickets There likes. Good to hear there’s yet another decent Irish band out in the world.

Third song, Some Dogs is like a punk, hillbilly ho-down. I wouldn’t be as mad into this one. It’s a little more upbeat than Mount Molehill but it’s kind of ‘devoid of content’ in some places. The phrase ‘album track’ is sticking out like a sore thumb. Wax Model on the other hand goes more for the full on guitars to start with. Some good pounding drums (that could be a little more prominent). Actually, fuck that comment. Once you listen for a bit the style grows on you so lads, if this is a demo, the low drums works well, keep it. Flesh Doll is fourth and it’s more of an aggressive punk track. The poppy / radio friendly styles of Beached seem to be well forgotten on this number and the band gets down to the real stuff. Its heavy, repetitive, grungy, punky, everything really. Good track (kind of reminds you of Alice in Chains in places).

Plasma Dialogue (forgive the dry tone of my writing. Pretty tired after last night and all day today on this blog :(, don’t take this as my mood towards the band, TT is thoroughly enjoying them) is second last. Semi-Instrumental and very rocky in comparison to the previous numbers. Hard to believe that the same band that wrote Flesh Doll did this one aswell. Good, fast, very heavy and the ending is mental. Killer track!! Final song Drag goes back to a more punk based style and …I think that’s enough.

Tickets There highly recommends this lot, Check Out Their MySpace.


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