MySpace Review – The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra


Ok, so far I’m nine reviews behind this weekends target. Only two people have read this morning’s one so I don’t think anyone is sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for them anyways. So, todays Hard Working Class Heroes Festival special review is The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. Now, Tickets There isn’t expecting a whole pile from this band but we’ll try and be as positive, charming, happy go lucky and polite as we almost usually are. I turned off the Future Kings of Spain to start this review so they better be worth it.

As usual, I’ve never seen the band live or heard their album.

Soon! is first. Ok, just a one minute’s preview. Ehm, well it’s different. Strings and guitars with a splash of drums. Strange vocals and not really Tickets There’s thing. Not as bad as I thought it would be though. Second track, December seems to be the full deal. Similar to Soon! but a little better. The vocals aren’t as in your face and the music is a little less intrusive. The strings add a nice change and it’s kind of angelic poppy or something. Definitely not as bad as I thought. Certainly not my thing but more than audible. There’s something oddly familiar about it, like it was in some film. Very well done, purposely shambolic sound around the whole thing.

What do you get when you mix nineteen thirties swing music with reggae and PJ Harvey? Grace Jones. A song that by all rights should be very, very silly. “Grace Jones on your cell phone”! What the hell is that meant to mean anyway? Unusually, it kind of works. Still not my thing but I’m looking for positives and I’ll happily admit it’s a strange mix that I haven’t heard a group do before. Manages to change its style a lot without the basic foundation changing an inch (does that make sense?). All I Want follows and it’s much more simplistic and very, very different from the previous numbers. This one sounds more like Divine Comedy doing singer songwriter stuff. Little Swiss (cheesy) but not the worst out there. More harmonies would have been nicer on it. The two singers compliment each other very well.

The Devil in Me starts off with much heavier guitars than the other numbers. Little less gospelish despite it’s subject. There’s a good backing from one of those sixties styled organs. I think this is my favourite so far. One I’d even consider putting on rotation for a few days. Not the most original but pretty alright. Wake Up Screaming sounds closer to an Irish rock number than a lot of music I’ve heard in a while and the violins are a welcome return and they make the overall flow of the song very melodic. Slow paced but in a good way.

Four Out Five brings their MySpace selection to a close and it’s not a bad way to go. Very, very nice song that would work very well in a smokey jazz bar. Not bad.

Well, Tickets There has been caught off guard again. Looks like there will be some acts to check out this year after all. Hop over and check out The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra for yourself and see what I mean.


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