MySpace Review – Sweet Jane


There’s alot of music in the world. So much that’s never going to be a chance to hear it all. Hell, there’s so much music in this country alone that you can listen to Irish bands for years and still not hear half of it. Because of this. Tickets There can still be pleasantly surprised by some of our acts even when the Japes and Turns of the country have been found. I just got a lovely surprise when I stuck on Sweet Jane and after one song I decided this is where the HWCH reviews have to start.

As usual I’ve never seen the band live or heard their album.

Anyone out the like The Doors or the Stones? What about the Velvet Underground and sixties styled psychedelic indie rock? If so, Sweet Jane are right up your ally. I was half way through their first track, Where’s Your Money Gone when I realised I really like this band. There’s some acts out there who show their influences very heavily in their songs and alot of the time it just doesn’t work. Not the case at all with this lot. Where’s Your Money Gone is so simplistically perfect and brilliant, if it had been released forty years ago it would have been a Jefferson Airplane classic. It’s not a rip off and it’s not dated, it’s just perfect example of a style that’s timeless.

I skipped Fade Into You when it first started because I wanted to hear another track like the first. Fortunately I’ve gone back and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it since. It sounds a little like the Cranberries and again it’s not complicated, just a simple, lovely song to listen to with a few splf’s. Would have sat perfectly in Empire Records.

Take Me Home seems to be the bands most listened too song (well, it is the most listened too song TT, why make it complicated? – Ed). Take Me Home is like Ian Brown singing for the Velvet Underground. Heavier than the previous tracks and fucking brilliant. Jesus, this band are amazing! That trudgeE bass, those haunting, distant guitars and yer man’s voice are so spot on. Just looked and there’s six more songs!!! Savage.

Black Eyes is closer to a Smashing Pumpkins kind of number. Not the old stuff but you could easily imagine Billy Corgan singing over this one with a string backing. Nice quiet number. You’re Making This Hard is next and it sees the sound returning to the sixties, Velvet Underground style. Lead singer, Danda sings on this. When ever he takes the mike, you immediately think of that classic Stone Roses, Madchester style, while Lydia brings in that Andy Warhol, New York, Doors-esque sixties nostalgia. It’s a good mix and both styles compliment each other surprisingly well.

Heartbreak is a little more like an Oasis album track while Blackboots Blackhearts is a general mix of all the previous styles with a leaning more towards the Stone Roses kind of sound. Listen, I think that’s enough describing them. They’re brilliant, really, really enjoyable for any smokers out there.

Overall, one of the top five bands that I’ve found since starting the MySpace Reviews. Go check out their MySpace now.


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