Concerto for Constantine – Fibber Magee’s AGAIN – March 17th 2008

St. Patrick’s Day in the capital always seemed like too much of a nightmare to get involved in. For years I have avoided going near the town on ‘Ireland’s biggest drinking day’. So being forced to choose between another Paddy’s day on the couch or Concerto for Constantine live in Fibber Magee’s was …..not that difficult J

Entering the capital was a little strange. Talbot street was packed with people walking towards Connolly station. Little green hats and American accents filled the eye’s and the ears for the 10 minute walk, St. Patrick had arrived. Once on O’Connell street, it was very clear that most people had already left the northside. The pubs were half full, the streets were as busy as a normal Friday night (possibly quieter).

Concerto were scheduled to go on stage at 7.30. Whoever, the site of two dozen people, some of them young children, caused the management and the lads to agree on 10:00 o’clock instead.

Across the road I settled down in an amazing pub called ‘The Shakespeare’. Possibly the funniest pub in Dublin. I advise everyone to check this place out because you’ll never see anything else like it. Just think of Father Ted’.

By 9:45 it was time to head back to Fibbers. The crowd had certainly changed by them. The kids and families were gone (thank god) and the second support band were just finishing up. The crowds were nothing like those at Concerto’s last headlining show in Fibbers three weeks previously. Although, for a show with no advertising, no official announcements and changing stage times, there was enough of an attendance to show Concerto have already established a dedicated fan base.

Concerto eventually got to the stage at 10:30. Forthcoming single ‘Minsk’ once again opened their set. A song that only gets better everything you hear it. Unfortunately, Paddy’s day drinking got the better of me and I can’t remember the exact set list. I can remember ‘Gap’s, Cat’s Cradle, WASP’s’, and new song ‘Knife’ all being played to the high standards Concerto have set for themselves. Even Gavin’s Bass head shorting out didn’t manage to kill the mood of the night.

The set was short, although packed with nothing but incredibility savage rock songs. For a band with no release’s and only a handful of shows under their belt it’s a lot more than you would normally expect. ‘Killing Fields’ closed the show. Afterwards the band jumped of the stage and put their bumpiest show yet behind them.

Despite the changing stage times, no advertising, faulty equipment and missing members, Concerto pulled off another fantastic show. Afterwards, the members left early enough as the band were heading to London the next day for their first English dates. Hopefully they will come back to our shores with AnR interest.

 Be sure to catch Concerto at Whelan’s on the 15th of April and (not or) the IMRO showcase gig at the Suagar Club on the 11th April.

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