Concerto For Constantine – Fibber Magees – Feb 22nd 08

Concerto for Constantine’s first headlining show in Fibber Magee’s last Friday was certainly an experience I hope to cherish for some time. Fresh from supporting the Smashing Pumpkins at their recent Irish dates, this three piece have managed to form, rehearse and write some ridiculously great ‘in your face’ rock songs all in the last 5 months. How do they do it? well, when you have of Mark Greaney (former JJ72 voice box and axe man), Gavin Fox (formally of Irish indie legends ‘Turn’ and Scottish favourites ‘Idelwild”) and off course, Paul ‘Binzer’ Brennan (who has played with The Frames, Bell X and Mundy, just to name but a few) together, it’s going to be special…or more to the point, it’s Concerto for Constantine and on Friday they ‘ROCKED!’

Support of the night was provided by ‘Power, Jazz trio’ Simon and the Ghost. The group manage to distance themselves from the over ego’d Irish scene they seem to dislike but unfortunately they don’t seem to have the songs to make a real go off it yet. I will say that Jazz to me is like a heater in an igloo, just doesn’t make sense but they are very good at what they do, so for any fans out there, check em out and make your own mind up.

Concerto hit the stage at 10.30 and wasted no time in getting down to business. They opened with ‘Minsk’, a hard, fast, adrenaline fuelled rock n roll anthem that is destined to becoming a fast radio favourite. ‘Minsk’ set the tone for the night as there was no let up in the set. ‘Wasps, Cat’s Cradle, Knife’ and a host of other newly written songs were belted out by the band and sounded like they had been playing them for years. While watching the set, it became very hard to remember they had only formed so recently. It was also hard not to notice the band enjoying them selves so much which can be very rare on our cold, motionless scene these days. Concerto are enjoying what they are doing. Three guys who have played for long enough to understand the importance of having fun.
After an hour and some change they were finished leaving ‘Killing Fields’ to close the set as there was no encore, explained by Mark as being a result of having “no more songs left to play”.

It may have been a short gig by a very new group but it was a certainly the first of many for one of Ireland’s brightest hope’s for a great Hard Rock Band.

Cats Cradle
Every Thing
Killing Fields



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