Atominated’s Return?

10152423_768573106508985_7092702042875684902_nIt looks like Atominated have made a positive step towards their grand return. They announced last week that former Twisted Autocracy frontman, Darrel Tanfin has joined the band (presumably as singer and rhythm guitarist – TBC) and now they just need a new bass player.

If you play bass and you’re savage craic – give them a shout and send on a demo. If they tell you, ‘f**k off – we have a bass player. Where did you get this amateur hour information?’, you can blame sexy a$$ Tickets There – Ireland’s answer to the Hustler Heavy Metal Christmas Special.

Updates! – So as you know, for the last few months we have been in the gutter about whether AD is to continue and live on past the struggles we were faced with when replacing Emmet. During this process we have parted ways with Cormac Jordan on good terms (Rhythm Guitar) and we would like to welcome into the AD family, a talented player and singer, he was the frontman of Dublin thrash band Twisted Autocracy and has played with a number of musicians in his time in the scene. His name is Darrel Tanfin and you can hear him at the track below. With all of the line-up changes (and problems) we have gone through as a band, I can say for myself that this line-up is my most thought of and I am more confident than ever about it. Thank you to everyone who stood by us and gave us the reason to continue writing music and forwarding ourselves as a band.

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