Man in his 40’s to tell every rocker he sees how long his hair used to be

BolandsStillorgan local, Phil Kelly, has announced he will continue telling every rocker and metal head he meets how long his hair used to be for at least the next two decades – just in case they would ever be confused by the aging rockers current, deceptive short-haired image.

Despite a non-receding hairline and lacking any bald spots, Phil (aged 43) felt the need to cut his hair short at the end of his teenage years and join the masses in ‘growing up’. Now in his mid-forties, Phil wants to let people, who didn’t get the chop, know that he was and is one of them and fill them in on how much more metal he used to be.

It’s good to see rockers still about”, announces Phil from his favourite podium bar stool in Bolands pub. “But these kids don’t realize what I used to get up to. I used to have long hair – longer than that fella there” (points to man at the bar and gestures to a point on his own arm where his hair is reported to have reached), “I had it that way for ages. We used to wear traditional Celtic belts as well and the jackets and go down to sea and fight the mods.”

Phil insists that not listening to metal music hasn’t damaged his love for the genre. “I’d still go into Brux at least a couple of times a year if I can. Depends what’s on, but if I’m there with visitors or that I’d always pop down to the bar and use the jax. Brings me back to the late eighties and early nineties when there was a real scene”.

bruxWhen questioned about today’s metal scene, Phil grows dismissive and vague and only offers instances that it was “non-existent really” and “not as good as when I was young – just all noise now”.

Locals and younger fans who are interested in hearing tales of the metal / rock scene in Ireland between the years 1988 and 1991 can find Phil in Boland’s almost any Saturday afternoon ‘when the wife is out of town’.


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