Phantom FM: Metal Notes Final Broadcast Announced

MetalnotesWell you’ve probably all heard the news over the past few days about Phantom FM. Due to falling revenues, the station has announced most people are to be let go from the station, a possible name change and a move to pre-programed playlists. Basically a glorified Spotify except you can’t choose the music.

The saddest part for metal fans is the beloved 2 hours on a Monday we all bask in is coming to an end. DJ Ray McGowan has hosted Metal Notes for many years and given opportunities for local bands to stand shoulder to shoulder with more established international acts. Considering there are very few outlets that make that possible in this country, this will be a major loss.

Ray, thank you for all the times I listened to the show. Despite you not responding to my first ever shout out on Facebook last week I w0n’t hold it against you. Seriously though you will be missed by a lot of metal heads in the country and thank you for everything you’ve done  for the scene.

The final Metal Notes will be broadcast on March 10th. Make sure you tune in and wish the team  well.

Ray this is for you,


7 Responses to “Phantom FM: Metal Notes Final Broadcast Announced”

  1. Byron Deithrick Says:

    This sucks, I knew Phantom
    Had turned it’s back on rock & Metal. Now they are a dance station
    But to lose Ray on Monsay night it a disaster for Irish radio. There is now, No metal on Irish radio and no were to hear it.
    I have to use tuneIn to hear Team Rock Radio uk , and Tripple M Sydney
    You would thing the 7 music stations in Dublin would play some metal for the loyal fans out there. No they won’t , they just wanna play One D. And Miley Cyrus, on all 7 stations . It sucks ass.


    • I think The Moshpit on Dublin City FM is still going, but its no where near as popular. Metal Notes was a great show and the only radio show I listened to. It’ll be sadly missed and fondly remembered. Also sad to see another vine of the ‘independent scene’ disappearing.

      • The Moshpit is indeed still going, 7 years later! Not as long as Ray’s 17 year stint but eventually, maybe.
        It is our baby and we do our best, but there’s only so much you can do on a less-than-shoestring budget…

      • This is the chance now for Moshpit to take over now.

        I’ve listened to your show a good few times over the years and its a great show, just not as well known as Metal Notes. Hopefully ye will carry on and keep our bands on the airwaves.

        Thanks for reading and commenting Pam.

      • Aw thanks Rob.

        The Moshpit’s time is now!! 🙂

  2. Oh, wonder if it’s too late to petition to keep Metal Notes? They’re keeping crap shows that every other station offers, why not just one unique show?

  3. […] McGowan presents the final ever Metal Notes tonight on Phantom FM. The popular and long standing metal show will end its run tonight and disappear into the archives […]

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