Def Leppard to Star in Viva Hysteria! Reality Show

realityMany of Def Leppard’s army of fans will remember the disappointment of not being able to attend their residency in Last Vegas earlier this year. Fortunately, Bunim / Murray Productions, AEG and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas have stepped up to offer fans a chance to get an inside glimpse into the mighty Lepp’s world.

Def Leppard have been announced as the first artists so star in a new hard rock TV series. The multi-episode show will follow the band’s stay in Vegas; on and off the stage and provide a rare opportunity to see the chemistry the band has, that enables them to remain a dominant force in music after more than  35 years together. The show is currently called ‘Living With Def Leppard’, but Tickets There has suggested better titles such as ‘Reality of Vegas’, ‘Love and Las Vegas’, ‘Reality Bites’ and the ultimate – ‘Pour Some Reality on Me’. I’m expecting to hear back from the band momentarily.

No word on when the series will air as of yet but TT will let you know as soon as we do.

On a personal note, I hate reality TV with a venomous passion – but given the nature of this one, I’ll withhold judgement until I see it. Leppard could be risking serious personal humiliation (Ozzy, Metallica), massive drops in wider respect (Ozzy, Metallica) and a long crawl back to their current height if all goes tits up (…Metallica – Ozzy had Sabbath and it worked!). Or, they could be doing something wicked cool (Metallica – A Year and a Half In The Life of… – certainly not Some Kind of Monster). Let’s see how episode one goes, but either way it’ll be nice to see Leppard on the telly more often. Maybe then Joe can make a s*x tape and ‘’’leak’’’ it online and get them into celebrity big brother.


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