Break-in at Into The Void Records – Tattoo Equipment Stolen

intothevoidOne of Dublin’s chief independent record stores, Into The Void, was broken into last night which has resulted in a decision to move the premises to another location soon.

Worst of all, about €2,000 of Tattoo equipment from The Devils Den Tattoos was stolen by the scumbags. ITV are asking for folks to be on the lookout for anyone selling Tattoo equipment around town and if you hear of it – please contact the store immediately. The owner of Devils Den is on tour at the moment so please send all details to Into The Void directly.  You can contact them through their Facebook page located HERE.

If you know anyone who works in the tattoo industry or owns a tattoo studio – please let them know to be on the lookout for dodgy sellers.

Full list of missing equipment coming soon.


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  1. […] few days ago, The Devil’s Den Tattoo studio was broken into and over €2,000 worth of equipment was stolen. The owner, Rob, is currently on tour with his band […]

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