HMV To Reopen Six Irish Stores?

HMVGood news for the cheap DVD and CD consumers as Hilco look set to provide a rescue package for six of the original sixteen Irish HMV outlets.

Stores in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick might re-open if the filthy, nasty, miserable auld bunch of landlord scum agree to reduced rents in favour of supporting Irish jobs and less empty premises along Irish streets. Fortunately for Ex-HMV staff, Irish landlords have a history of being very open to reducing their preposterous rents.

It’s unknown currently which stores are likely to reopen, but it was reported a few weeks back that Dublin’s Henry Street premises was likely to open its doors once again.

Is this good news? Tickets There thinks so. Smaller shops and the bands they help still have a better chance than this time five years ago as large music retailers shift their focus more to games, movies and electronics. Also more jobs for the young and less empty shops on our streets.



One Response to “HMV To Reopen Six Irish Stores?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes I adore Hmv On Henry Street. I would be happy if they are reopen and the jobs saved for the staff that were working there before they closed.

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