IRON MAIDEN Drummer’s Son Arrested in Florida


What’s going on in the McBrain family? I normally wouldn’t report personal family stories about bands but this is just too funny. Nicko McBrain, legendary drummer of Iron maiden has seen his wife (Rebecca McBrain) charged with battery back in February and now his son (Justin McBrain) has been arrested for theft! What did he steal? This is where it gets really weird. He stole a half-eaten chocolate bunny, half an orange (which he consumed on the premises according to the report), a belly ring, cosmetics and a freezer pack; all from a woman’s handbag.

mallow-lance-medieval-marshmallow-toasterYou have to ask yourself: what is going on? The wife is out trying to stab people (with a decorative lance! Not just a souvenir folks) and the song commits easily the weirdest theft in the history of rock n roll madness. Here’s the other thing – he’s being held on a $25,000 bond! Surely for $25K you could by a full chocolate bunny, chocolate egg and some unused cosmetics, belly rings and freezer packs as far as the eye can see.

Whatever about the victims, congrats to the McBrain family for being more entertaining than Ozzy’s!


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