Review: Crashdïet – The Savage Playground

The-Savage-PlaygroundSleaze/glam metal is enjoying a well-deserved comeback in Europe with the likes of Hardcore Superstar, Reckless Love, H.E.A.T. and many more all pushing to re-create an eighties bad boy ballad paradise. One such band is grime, booze ‘n’ blood kings, Crashdïet.

Hailing from Sweden, Crashdïet have been a name to contend with since the release of their debut album, Rest In Sleaze in 2005. Their 2010 album, Generation Wild, propelled them to the world and the buzz has been growing ever since. Getting banned from MTV and touring with Ozzy Osbourne didn’t hurt much either. Now they’ve released their fourth studio album, The Savage Playground and they’re ready to take off where they left things last year – on a high! Going into this`, Crashdïet must have known there was a lot to live up to. Generation Wild is a tough record to beat but Tickets There thinks they’ve done it, or come damn close.

‘Change the World’ is a brutal slice of rock, opening the record with thundering power that’ll have you thrashing about in no time. After that the band drowns you in more radio friendly anthems such as ‘Cocaine Cowboys’, ‘Anarchy’ and ‘California’. After a few of these offerings, any discernible rock fan is left with a ‘where’s the oomph?’ feeling (and rightly so), but Crashdïet have to make their money as well and there’s still a long way to go.

crashdiet2012-IMG_6520-as-Smart-Object-1-copy‘Circus’, ‘Sin City’ and ‘Snakes in Paradise’ bounce a little attitude back into the album with forceful guitars, drums and excess fuelled excitement. The end of the album continues to push some of their darker / melodic outputs. ‘Damaged Kid’ is a notch in the bands belt and stands out as one of the catchiest, yet still bad ass tunes on the album. ‘Excited’ is another choice cut before the grandiose ‘Garden of Babylon’ comes tumbling down with the air of a song that’s destined for clichéd tackiness. Fortunately, destiny will just have to wait as GOB turns out to be a pretty terrific piece of work with Middle Eastern guitars, snarling vocals, shredding solos and a great package of music. Bonus track – ‘Liquid Jesus’ is a great blues glam rock finisher that sends you out in party mood.

There are moments on this album where things wane and you’ll find your attention span running out, but it’s saved by some absolute Classic kick around anthems and growth in the band’s overall sound. A few less tracks may have placed this in first place for their own discography, but for those of you who think their glass is half full, here are 14 new Crashdïet songs to enjoy.

The Savage Playground is available now.


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