The Doors Alive Return To The Academy

Tickets There wouldn’t normally be ones for tribute bands, but then again The Doors Alive are not your average cover act. We were fortunate enough to catch one of their packed midnight shows at the Academy a few years back and instantly became fans.

For those that weren’t alive (no pun intended) when the Doors were going, this is the closest you’ll ever get. All members invoke the spirit of the Doors music and relay that through their performance. You won’t catch them delivering note perfect renditions of the albums but instead they relay the sounds and experience of a genuine Doors show from the late sixties. There are no cheap gimmicks and Mr. Morrison manages to keep things in his trousers! What you get is a couple of hours of brilliant Doors classics for an excellent band.

Not to be missed – September 14th @ The Academy. Stage time (looks like) 8pm and it’ll only you cost you €15.


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