AXL ROSE: The Legend

Well folks, Guns N’ Roses are well and truly back on home soil. Two dates into their 2011 US tour, the first State wide tour in five years and they’re kicking ass. So far the group have played two shows (Orlando (28th) & Miami (29th)) and things are going well. The shows are almost full, the band sound incredible and Axl Rose is playing a blinder. Their first show in Orlando delivered 23 tracks including Chinese Democracy favourites and standard classics (including both Don’t Cry and Estranged), 7 seven solos and two instrumental jams. For US fans, this is the tour they’ve been waiting for.

Eddie Trunk was all over Twitter last night for their Miami gig. According to him, 80% of the crowd looked too young to have seen the original line-up showing that most of the haters have finally f**ked off and Guns are still having no issues filling seats. They came on stage at midnight and played for over three hours, delighting fans and pissing off the arena’s vendors. Of course, who cares about the vendors? They’ll get overtime – fans get an amazing show.

So why is Axl a legend? Well last night he gave his first proper interview in Christ knows how long for VH1. Eddie and his team had to wait until 06:00am for Axl and the guys to show but it was worth it. Guns gave an hour long interview that’s set to air on November 11th in the US. Love that man, last time he gave interviews was on-line on several GN’R forums a few months after the release of Chinese Democracy. He came on, without warning and spent hours on each site answering anything and everything that was put to him.

So, they’re back. Fans are loving it and there’s a whole tour to go. Guns N’ Roses baby, it’s not a band – it’s a life choice: RESPECT!


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