New Music: The Indecent Cigar Emporium

Anyone looking for a little quirky dance floor number to warm up this exceptionally cold winters day? we’ll check out HeimlicK My Heart by The Indecent Cigar Emporium (these names just keep getting better don’t they :)).

We gave this a few spins yesterday and have to say it’s not a bad wee tune at all from the new group. More to come in 2011 so consider this a Christmas taster.

HeimlicK My Heart by Indecent Cigar Emporium


2 Responses to “New Music: The Indecent Cigar Emporium”

  1. Great tune from a great band! The album Straight To Video is the best thing I’ve heard since The Soft Bulletin

  2. Martin Says:

    Wow! Nice one Rob, that’s quite a compliment for our little project!

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