IRISH NOISE! My Evil Ex (MySpace Review)

Breaking the current hair metal obsessions for a few minutes, Tickets There decided it was time to review the band that’s been keeping our Irish feet firmly rooted all week. Hailing from the rebel county, My Evil Ex are easily one of the best new bands we’ve found this year. We saw them at Temple House Music Festival in Sligo and now it’s time for our reader (readers on Tuesdays) to hear exactly how good they are…without actually hearing the music, you need to visit their MySpace for that…but read the review first, we need to raise €80,000 or the mob are taking our thumbs.

Only three songs! always disappointing when a great band only has a small handful of tracks to choose from. Guess it means we’ll actually have to get of our arses and pick up their album later on. For now, (Just A Little) Drop of Poison will make do. A lovely mix of bluegrass blues, stompy drums and catchy as hell vocals. Love it! These guys have been on our rotation all week and every listen just brings them closer and closer to our hearts.

Drunk on the Thought of You is similar in ways to Drop of Poison, but the guitar comes to the surface a lot more and the heavy bass is very welcome. Again it’s a sing along number with lots of quirky little moments and a nice soulful flow to the whole track. Short, sweet and the perfect middle ground before the next song turns their entire sound upside down.

Flavuor (title could easily be confused with ‘I’m Not Your Fucking Friend) is a blistering, heavy thumper. Forget the bluegrass, the blues and the soul. This is angry hardcore punk rock. Is it even the same singer? We’re not sure but we’re excited. Ironically, because of this song alone Tickets There wants to be friends with My Evil Ex, but they’re having none of it according to this tune. Brilliant!

Love them, buying the album and checking them out live as soon as we can. My Evil Ex are definitely a name to remember and a band to love! Check out their MySpace by Clicking Here.


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