IRISH NOISE! – Percolator (Breaking Tunes)

Spent most of today sitting back listening to the chaotic, noisy sounds of Waterford thrash, pop, fuzzy rock three piece, Percolator. Honestly, we can’t get a grasp on this lot at all. Their songs have heavy ferocity, malicious off tune, in tune, of the wall hooks and their structures make little or no sense whatsoever.

Opening song on their Breaking Tunes profile, Lead Salad is a hark back to anything noisy you’ve ever heard with sublimed, duel vocals keeping this early nineties Stone Roses-esqe calmness to the whole thing. We’re not sure what it is but we either like it or frickin’ love it!

Red Lemonade is even more inline with the whole 90’s SR vibe with. The guitars are loud and powerful, the duel vocals remain become overcast with a wall of effect laden guitar sound and some heavy drumming. Again it works and this time they’ve managed to tighten up the structure. The trashy barrage of heaviness towards the end really sells it. It doesn’t exactly have a catchy nature, but it just seems to work.

Flicker starts off pretty much vocally where Red Lemonade left off. The guitars are much lighter at the start, vocals take more of a lead before (queue, build up) heavy petting on the symbols, heavy pounding on the snare and …back to gentle ambiance.

Is it enough to make us buy their music?? Maybe not, we’d need a little more but so far so good. Definitely a band we’ll add to the always growing ‘must see live’ list. Head on over and hear them for yourself @ Breaking Tunes


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