MySpace Review – Pavesi

Review: Stephen Byrne

Following Pavesi’s recent appearance at the King Kong Club in The Village We took it upon ourselves to check out their Myspace. so first things first lads get the web Dr. in your site is unreadable.

You could be listening to any sunkist american indie outfit untill Duck Gallagher starts to sing on East Side the influence of 80’s Irish rock such as Something Happens and the Four of Us is obvious while homage is also paid to Brian Adams and the 80’s soft rock ballad in general.Unfortunately they have failed to capture the energy of their live show in the studio Shake starts of with a guitar line somewhere inbetween “Summer of 69” and Nada Surf’s “Fruit Fly” untill Ducks vocals turn it into a Neil Diamond parody in places. We now know what a diamond cover of any of the songs from Coldplays Parachutes album would sound like.

Despite Ronan Hana’s obvious guitar talent there’s no getting away from the feeling that it close but no cigar for Pavesi the choruses fail to shine as bright as they do live its another case of a good live band failing to tame the studio.


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