(UPDATED) WANTED: TURN – The Christmas EP (2000, 7″)

‘Ladies and gentlemen, WE GOT IT!!!’

Tickets There are proud to announce we just tracked down a copy of The Christmas E.P. (it was on CD all along, not vinyl :D). The years of searching are finished – we can now step back and enjoy a healthy social life!

Folks, if you’re ever wondering what record Tickets There wants more than anything in the world, it’s this baby right here…well, up there!

The Christmas EP from Turn. Came out in 2000 and has eluded us for the past eight years. Getting a little tired of searching for this but the struggle still continues. If anyone ever wants to sell the mighty TT a copy or exchange one for Beretta or Beeswax, please don’t be afraid to get in touch – ticketsthere@hotmail.com


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