The Aftermath – Lost Possession (Single Review)

Ladies and gentlemen, The Aftermath are back. Longford /Mullingar & Leed’s favorite pop rock band have returned with a fantastic summery, upbeat and irresistibly catchy single from their up and coming second album.

Filled with the Cronin brother’s hooks, changes, choppy structures and full on beat attacks, Lost Possession is a worthy contender for one of the best tunes the lads have released. Tickets There have been playing this tune for roughly four hours now and we still can’t get enough. If we thought The Wall’s new single defined the summer, Lost Possession will drive it home.

For the last year, the lads have been huddled into studios across Ireland and England including London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios with Ger McDonnell and Karl Odlum recording tracks for the next album and today’s first single is a great sign of things to come.

Lost Possession by The Aftermath by theaftermathband


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  1. […] The Aftermath are finally revving up for the release of album number two! The albums first single, Lost Possession, which was formally / informally released last year will now get the whole nine yards this month […]

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