MySpace Review – The Hot Sprokets

Ya know, we’re getting close to the 100 reviews mark for this series and the good bands just keep on coming. Technically, that’s like 70 good/great/amazing bands from Ireland that we’ve found in the last two years and still doesn’t include some of the best in the country. Considering how half-arsed we run this blog, we’re willing to bet there’s at least double that number still waiting to be discovered. MySpace Reviews forever and long may everything come up Millhouse.

Today’s band came to our attention when we noticed they were playing our least favorite Dublin venue, The Odessa Club this week. Fortunately, the Live @ The Odessa night attracts some really great names so you ignore the thoughts of men in pink polo shirts sipping white wine and comparing their Beemer interiors and focus on the bands at hand. The Hot Sprockets play retro revival sixties rock with several helpings of bluegrass, KOL style licks and hooky guitars. We here at TT don’t like KOL but we’ll happily take the rest.

As usual, we’ve never seen the band live or heard their album.

Opening with the busy bodied Honey Skippin’, things get off to a great start. It’s robust, rocking and instantly friendly. Excellent number, our favorite of the lot and a great sign of things to come from the band. Sleep Shake’s next (skipping the live number) and it’s a much more relaxed affair. There are some bumpkin melody guitars, some croaky vocals, a real catchy, acoustic White Stripes chorus and everything else sounds good too….nice!

Solid Gold intros with a good chunky bass, some harmonica licks and a good old fashioned guitars playing some not too pushed blues rock. Similar in structure to Sleep Shake but with more of an edge, definitely another one worth listening to.

The final two songs seem to be much earlier work by the band. On Your Own is alright, wouldn’t be mental about it. It’s not awful or anything but it’s just lacking in character when compared to the previous three tracks. Creepin is more upbeat but the vocals seem intent on replicating the KOL style just too much for our liking. The songs could be great and we’d like to hear it re-recorded with the singer’s newer style and then we’ll give it another go.

All in all, one to watch. The newer material sounds fantastic and boasts great potential. The Hot Sprokets are a  band Tickets There wants to hear more from. Visit their MySpace now by Clicking Here, then come back and bitch about how great the KOL are or how the singer sounds nothing at all like them in the earlier material and this site is run by dickheads for douche bags.


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