MySpace Review – The Riptide Movement

Every now and again, we find a band unknown to us that are so good we’re ashamed to call ourselves music writers. How in the hell can a team of journalists, doing our best 24 hours a day, every day of the week to scout and promote Irish talent not find acts like the The Riptide Movement in its first week? Never mind though, we’ve got them now.

Formed in 2006 in Dublin, this ‘four piece blues’ outfit are a breath of fresh air for any fans of classic rock. Nothing about their sound reeks of ‘forced efforts’ and they magically combine styles from The Doors, The Stones, Creedence Clear Water Revival plus others without intruding on anyone’s trademarks. In short, they’ve taken a classic sound and made it their own.

As usual we’ve never seen them live or heard their album.

 Just on Alive Inside at the moment and like it’s predecessors in the player, it rocks like a motherfucker. Imagine Jim Morrison sobered up and singing for a funky Creedence and you’ve got this one. Guitars, drums, changes, pace, vocals – everything is just spot on dirty blues rock. Like Jaded Sun but with more of an edge and easily on par with Swanee River, except we haven’t heard a Take Me Away…yet.

Going back to the bands most recent single, Hard To Explain, we see a totally different sound altogether. On other tracks you get the sweaty, wind in hair, booze on shirt blues, but Hard To Explain relies on a more radio friendly styled indie based guitar with bumpkin styled melodies. Quite catchy and not so much a departure from their harder sound that you’d hold it against them. Repeated listens bring new love.

Cry Cry Baby really sees the classic rock kick in. Coming from the bands 2008 debut, What About The Tip Jars (An album we’ll be picking up immediately after this reviews done and dusted), Driven by that classic Hammond Organ sound, the song is nothing but a clean cut slice of Americana rock n roll.  

Bringing Down The House adds a funky swagger into the sound again and delivers yet another classic rock anthem. Not going into the nitties for this band, it’s all just so good. Real kick back, have a beer and chillax music.  The title track from their debut, What About The Tip Jars is the same. Another kick ass slice of well delivered, well constructed rock n roll.

This is one of those reviews when we’re not interested in writing about the music (or writing ‘rock n roll 1,000 time). It’s designed for listening and that’s just what we’re going to do. Highly recommend! If you’re going to do one thing today, we advise going to their MySpace right now and giving them a few spins for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Click Here to visit The Riptide Movement’s MySpace.

You can expect a follow up as soon as we get our hands on the bands material.


One Response to “MySpace Review – The Riptide Movement”

  1. jennifer mc donnell Says:

    Have been a fan for 4 years, have seen them over 100 times and they never and i mean never fail to keep me rocking!

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